Will Bi-fold Doors add value to my home?

Posted on 26.01.2024

An unstable housing market is still pushing homeowners to adopt the ‘don’t move, improve’ trend, with a third (32%) planning to take on major home renovation projects in 2024, according to recent data from Confused.com. There are plenty of seemingly small updates that can not only breathe new life into your living space but add impressive value to your home. Our decades of experience have proven installing Bi-fold Doors is high on the list of lucrative home improvements. Here’s why!

Investing in your home: With rising moving costs and mortgage payments, we can see homeowners opting to stay put and enhance their homes. Common improvements include decorating, extensions, loft conversions, replacing windows and doors, and garden enhancements. Thoughtful investments rejuvenate your space and increase property desirability and potential value.

Revamping with bi-fold doors: This door type offers an unparalleled return on investment, instantly transforming your living space. More than just aesthetic upgrades, bi-fold doors create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, providing a light-filled, welcoming environment.

Benefits of Bi-fold Doors:

  • Transform living spaces with unique low, non-weather threshold systems.
  • Enjoy a seamless progression from inside to outside, utilising space effectively.
  • Ensure energy efficiency, security, and maintenance-free aluminium construction.
  • Upgrade from traditional sliding patio doors for additional space, security, safety, and efficiency.
  • Provide finger-safe gaskets for added safety, especially for homes with children.
  • Guarantee ease of use with advanced, near-frictionless running systems.

Installation versatility: Contrary to misconceptions, bi-fold doors are not limited to large properties or ground-floor installations. They can enhance apartments, providing a stunning view from existing balconies or Juliette balconies. Even small or awkwardly shaped rooms benefit from bi-fold doors, opening up space and allowing for various configurations to suit any setting.

Longevity with high-grade materials: Modern lightweight aluminium outperforms wood and uPVC in aesthetics, strength, and durability. Choose bi-fold doors made from high-grade aluminium for narrower, aesthetically pleasing frames, a variety of colours and finishes, and resistance to corrosion, discolouration, rot, and warping.

A timeless investment: Bi-fold doors, regularly showcased in design and lifestyle magazines, are not a passing trend. They have become the preferred choice for architects and designers, enhancing homes while preserving their original structures.

Bowalker Doors’ bi-fold doors are a sound investment, providing immediate lifestyle benefits and potentially increasing the value of your property. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of Bowalker Doors for a lasting and transformative addition to your home.

Whether you’re starting a new build project or renovating your space, Bowalker Doors is on hand to help. Talk to us about adding value to your home, and get in touch today.

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