What are the different types of exterior doors?

Posted on 22.08.2022

Exterior doors are available in different materials, sizes, shapes, styles and colours for your home. There are many types of exterior doors to choose from so it’s best to know a bit about all of them so that you can choose from the perfect styles for the front or back of your house, as well as their key benefits.

Composite Doors

Chartwell green composite door

Composite doors are the most popular types of exterior doors. They are made up of a combination of materials to create a strong, weatherproof entrance for your home. We offer our composite door collection for a modern, sustainable, stunning alternative to timber doors, so if you are looking to replace your current time door, our composite doors offer an authentic timber replica that recreates the beauty of real wood.

Solidor Doors

Solidor entrance door Lewes anthracite grey

Solidor composite doors are solid laminate, timber core composite doors. Solidor offer a range of designs that you can choose from alongside a selection of unique colours to create the perfect entrance for your home. The doors feature a woodgrain finish for a timeless aesthetic, so they are a great choice for both traditional and contemporary homes, adding character and style. Whilst they have a traditional aesthetic, they boast 21st century performance to help save money on heating and energy bills. The timber core is 48mm thick, offering impressive security, weather proofing, noise insulation and maintenance.

Hallmark composite doors

Duck Egg Clear white frame scaled Hallmark door

If you’re looking for an entrance with endless style options so that you can have more design flexibility and create your dream door, Hallmark composite doors feature unparalleled security, stunning aesthetics, superb sound installation, excellent weatherproofing and are low maintenance. Hallmark composite doors are made with impact resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skins and are certified to the PAS:24 2016 accreditations for ultimate peace of mind.

Bi fold doors

Bifold doors kitchen extension

Bi fold doors are a grand feature for any home, that offer a large opening for a clear connection to your garden or outdoor living space. They are ideal for homeowners wanting to make the most out of their space with a concertina style opening that can be completely folded away. We offer two different types at Bowalker, aïr 800 and aluminium bi fold doors to give you some design choice based on the way you live.

aïr 800 bi folding doors offer impressive dimensions of up to 3m in height and 1.2m in width, creating a huge expanse of glass. Depending on the size, shape and design of our bi folding doors, the aïr 800 can be configured to create a door that is completely tailored to the needs of your property and can be installed with up to 10 sashes depending on the size of the opening.

Aluminium bi folding doors offer your home a feature with sightlines as slim as 132mm for virtually uninterrupted views to inject more light and space into your room. With a maximum height of 2.5m and width of 1m your house can feature a seamless connection between your garden and inside space, ideal for summer parties.

Sliding doors

aluminium sliding door

Sliding doors are a type of door that open horizontally by sliding, usually horizontal to a wall. Sliding doors can either be mounted on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above. Similarly to our bi folding door range, we offer aïr lift and slide and aluminium sliding doors.

aïr lift and slide doors offer innovative style and exceptional performance whilst creating panoramic views and impressive openings using large, yet smooth glazed doors. They work by sliding on strong stainless steel rollers which have been engineered to hold panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg- effortlessly opening with just two fingers thanks to the aïrglide technology.

Our aluminium sliding doors are an ideal feature for both new builds and refurb projects, boasting slimline profiles and minimal sightlines to let light flood your home and add extra space. the sliding doors can hold up to 200kg and can be 2.1m high for an impressive feature wall of glass.

Which is the best type for my home?

The type of door that you choose to have installed depends on a few factors. The most important being the way that you live, consider how often you will be using your door and what you use it for. So for example, if you have a bi fold door, consider implementing a traffic door into this if you regularly nip in and out to fetch the bins and let the dog out. When looking at your options for front doors, consider the style and technical features such as energy efficiency so that you can make the most of your home and help to decrease your energy bills, especially if you are in and out of the house a lot, as this lets all of the cooler air from outside enter your home.

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