Should I get Lift and Slide Patio Doors?

Posted on 27.04.2021

If you’re thinking of opening up your property, then you should choose aïr Lift and Slide Doors to give you a clear wall of glass, panoramic glazing and minimal frames. They are an innovative way to add light and space to any home. Perfect for seamless outdoor to indoor living, they’re a great way to merge your home and garden. Thanks to clever engineering paired with high quality performance, aïr Lift and Slide Doors are a cutting edge addition to your living space.

Less frame, more view

Bowalker doors air lift and slide from inside

With large, glazed areas and impressively slim sightlines that create the perfect frame for your garden view or city scape, aluminium aïr Lift and Slide Doors are the ideal replacement for old sliding patio doors, French doors or even for creating a moveable glazed wall that’s built in to your new-build or renovation project. aïr Lift and Slide Doors have interlocking sightlines as slim as 48mm, alongside aïrglide technology that allows the huge wall of glass, weighing up to 300kg, to be moved with as little as 2 fingers. This creates captivating views with minimal interruptions, along with the illusion of more space thanks to the huge expanses of panoramic glass that will open up any room.

Configuration options

air lift and slide door from the outside

Panels are available up to 2200mm by 2700mm, which are paired with the option of monorail, 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane configurations – this way, you have complete flexibility on your project and can have aïr Lift and Slide Doors for opening up to 15m wide. There’s also the option of double and triple track configurations, which offers flexibility in the direction of the opening, depending on what best suits your space. If you’re thinking of installing aïr Lift and Slide Doors to bring more light into your home, a single track is the best choice for you.

Design features

air lift and slide open side view

Bowalker Doors can install your aïr Lift and Slide Doors in any RAL colour so that you can either complement the rest of your home with a uniform aesthetic or create a striking contrast to make your doors a standout feature to frame your garden view. We know that some projects require different colours for the inside and outside, so that they fit in with the look of your exterior and interior of your home, which is why we offer a dual colour option too. This way, your aïr Lift and Slide Doors will be perfectly suited to your entire property.

Renovate your home with Lift and Slide Doors

aïr Lift and Slide Doors are the ideal choice if you’re wanting to inject boundless amounts of light and space into your property whilst framing your view with sleek, slim sightlines. Bowalker Doors will beautifully install your impressive new doors so that you can seamlessly nip in and out of your home with the simple slide of your fingers. To find out more get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you design your dream doors for your new project. Alternatively, call us on 0800 881 5640 and one of our experienced team will have a chat with you to discuss your requirements.

Doors you can trust

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