Why more renovators in Burgess Hill are choosing rooflights to add more natural light

Posted on 20.12.2018

Bowalker Doors Rooflight Burgess Hill

The onset of winter means the darker, shorter days are back. The natural light is really hard to come by now that it’s December, and we’re all looking for more ways to make the most of the light we can get.

We’ve installed lots of rooflights in Burgess Hill to add extra light and striking style.

Add natural light 365 days a year

Skypod roof lantern Burgess Hill

Rooflights are fitted to flat roof extensions so that sun can shine down into your living space.

The aerial position of a rooflight means that they’re in the same position of the sun in the sky, giving you directional daylight. The rays are uninterrupted, as there’s less likely to be objects such as trees, walls or fence to be casting shadows.

This ensures that you will make best use of your extension as it creates a lighter, brighter, fresher living space for you to spend time with your family, friends and guests.

For optimum levels of light, we offer roof lanterns in a two bar design, available up to 1500mm by 7450mm, or a three bar design available up to 2750mm by 8700mm, so you can create the best feature for your project.

The sleek design of our rooflights mean more daylight can illuminate your property all year round, without chunky frames spoiling the effect.

Design the perfect rooflight that suits the rest of your property

Skypod Burgess Hill Bowalker Doors

With a rooflight from Bowalker Doors, you have full design flexibility to suit the style of your home.

The rooflights are available in a selection of colours such as White, Anthracite Grey, Moondust, Rosewood and Golden Oak, with a White internal finish as standard for a bright interior.

Choose to match your new rooflight with your windows, or make a statement by choosing a contrasting colour.

Skypod Burgess Hill Bowalker Doors

A lot of the projects we’ve worked on lately in Burgess Hill choose rooflights in Anthracite Grey for the modern style. This goes beautifully with widespan aluminium doors, which also look most striking in Anthracite Grey.

A rooflight will make your living space feel comfortable all year round

We mentioned in our previous blog about the health and wellbeing effects of natural light, but there are also wonderful benefits, but there are also fantastic benefits for the rest of your home.

The clever rooflights can help to regulate the temperature of your living space too, offering great energy efficiency.

The lanterns are available with U-Values as low as 1.0W/m2K, and PVCu cappings also help with insulation.

The large glass areas used in rooflights mean that the natural warmth from the sun can penetrate through the glass into the room in the colder months, whilst in the summer it gives living space a fresher, more open feel.

If you’re looking to take your project to new heights, get in touch with the experts at Bowalker Doors

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