New Year, New Project

Posted on 08.12.2019

Christmas is the perfect time to start planning your 2020 home transformation, and the best way to add more space and light to your home next year, is to incorporate architectural glazing such as sliding aluminium doors, bi-folding doors and roof lanterns to your home.

Let in the light

The trend for increasing the amount of glass into architectural designs comes from architects and designers looking for innovative ways to bring more natural light into homes. This time of year is when we really notice how much we miss the daylight – when we’re going to work and coming home in the dark. Over the festive season, it can really become apparent how much our homes are lacking natural daylight – even when the winter sun is shining, it’s not making it’s way inside to lighten our mood.

That’s why sliding aluminium doors and bifolding doors aren’t just for summer – they’re for life! Even on the coldest, winter days, large expanses of glass drink in the maximum amount of daylight, for lighter, brighter living spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

Making spaces

The festive season usually make us realise something else about our homes too – we need more space! With big family dinners, distant relatives staying over and all those presents, it can get a little cramped. We understand your pain! But, why not make Christmas 2020 a little bit different?

Extending your kitchen, dining room or living area is a great way to increase the space you have at home for the family to enjoy. If you’re thinking about an extension, make sure you include roof lanterns and wide-span glazed doors into your design, so that your space maximises natural light.

Another option is creating space outside, away from the house! We’ve worked on plenty of projects where homeowners have decided to create a garden room as a study, playroom or studio and get the extra space the family needs. Installing a sliding aluminium door or a bifold door on the front can create a lovely summerhouse where you can enjoy the garden from too!

The time is now

Now is the time to start planning your 2020 home improvement project.

Imagine having a new dining room ready for Spring, where you can sit and enjoy the garden when the weather changes and the flowers start to bud. Think about next Summer, opening up your living space to the garden by removing the whole wall of glass created by our aluminium bifold doors. Plan the bonfire party you can have, where friends and family can watch the fireworks from the warmth of your new garden room. Envisage Christmas 2020 with a huge new kitchen and plenty of space for the whole family to gather and enjoy the festivities.

Sound like something you want for your home next year? Come and talk to us about your plans. We have more than 45 years combined experience of transforming homes with bespoke glazing. We’ll focus on creating light and space in your home, that works for the way you live.

Sliding aluminium doors

For extensions, there’s nothing quite like having a sliding aluminium door to glide open, straight out onto a patio or decked area. The huge expanses of glass create the illusion of a removeable glass wall, so you can enjoy the view of your garden, whatever the weather.

For a truly panoramic view, try our aïr 500LS & 600LS lift and slide doors. They feature some of the slimmest sightlines on the market for less frame and more glass – perfect for bringing extra light into your kitchen and living area.

Roof lanterns

Even the darkest spaces in your home can be brightened with a Skypod roof lantern! They’re perfect for orangery-style extensions, or to bring light into the middle of a room that’s being extended out. Pitched designs also add extra height to the room, so your new space will feel even bigger – and they’re perfect for stargazing on a clear night too!

Available in a range of colour finishes, Skypod roof lanterns can be easily matched to your sliding aluminium door or bifolding door, for consistent aesthetics in your new space.

Aluminium bifolding doors

Aluminium bifolding doors are another great way to add style to your new dream home. When opened, they can be stacked to the left, right, or both sides to create a clear opening into the garden. They’re ideal if you enjoy family BBQs and Summer parties that span across the kitchen, dining room and garden!

They’re also a good option if you’re creating a glazed extension that you don’t want to be permanently merged with the rest of your downstairs living space. Choose bifolds to separate your new orangery, conservatory or glazed extension from the rest of the house and just open them up when you need them.

Planning your 2020 project

We can work with you, your architect, builder or contractor to make sure that the whole project runs smoothly and you can get living in your dream home as soon as possible.

Visit our showroom in Hayward’s Heath to see our products and talk about your project, or why not upload your plans here and we’ll get back to you with some ideas.

Make the best new years resolution for 2020 and promise yourself the home of your dreams where you and your family can live well and enjoy quality time together.

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