How to make the most of the sun all year round in your home

Posted on 25.09.2019

It’s almost time to embrace autumn, get ready for winter and start thinking of ways to brighten up your home in time for the arrival of darker nights.

At this time of the year, there’s nothing stopping you from starting a new project and giving your home a stunning end-of-the-end makeover – just in time for Christmas!

If you’re expecting a huge number of guests over Christmas, why not think about opening up rooms and creating a lighter and brighter space before winter sets in.

One important thing to consider when renovating a property or refurbishing a room, is how to make the most of the sun and beam more light into your home.

Transforming your interior space and turning a house into a home can be an exciting time. Ask any architect and they’ll say that working with natural light is key. So whatever makeover project you decide to take on, whether it be investing in a new conservatory or glazed extension, you’ll be creating a space in your home that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year.

Create a stunning wall of glass with bifold doors

If you’ve only ever dreamed of opening up a room and creating more space, now is the time to take the next step and talk to us.

Bifold doors could be the right choice for you, especially if you’re planning to have a glazed extension at the back of your home.

Over the last few years, they have become extremely popular and more and more homeowners are taking the plunge and having them installed.

One huge advantage of bifold doors is the amount of light they flow into a room. They have multiple panels of glass, which, when opened, fold away neatly to showcase your garden. They work using a concertina style opening which reveals the largest opening possible.

Free from any frames or post, bifold doors can either fold internally or externally, to the right-hand side or left-hand side. You can choose whichever configuration that would most suit your property, maximise space and complement what furniture you have.

The transformation can be truly incredible and there’s a reason aïr 800 doors are called the Rolls Royce® of bifold doors. They’re available in the most impressive sizes and can turn a room into a stunning and stylish area.

For a totally standout feature, you can choose up to 10 panels, each of which can be a maximum of 3 metres tall and 1.2 metres wide, leaving you with a potential open space that spans across 12 metres! So not to interrupt the view, frame sightlines on aïr bifold doors are as slim as 108mm.

You can also choose to have sliding doors if you’re craving light

If you’re keen to open up a space and allow more light in, perhaps sliding doors are an option for your home renovation project.

They produce minimal sightlines which effortlessly let more light in, and this creates extra space in any home.

Sliding doors are a stunning option as they create an open wall that leads out onto your garden. They work by gliding open, with the glass panels sliding behind one another and are even slimmer than bifold doors.

Each glass panel in a sliding door feature is wider than the panes in bifold doors, taking extra advantage of the natural light.

Some architects believe that aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors are the perfect choice if you are keen to frame an exterior view.

These measurements might help you decide on sliding doors…

You can choose as many as 6 panes using a monorail or triple track system to create a stunning wall of glass.

The aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors are available with each panel up to 2.7 metres high and 2.5 metres wide. This means your glazed wall can be as wide as 15 metres!

If you are determined to let in as much light as you can, sliding doors really do open up a room.

During darker months, you’ll make the most of any natural light thanks to the wide expanse of glass.

And something else, the aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors have super sleek aluminium frames which have been expertly engineered to be just 48mm. They also use aïrglide technology, which means you’ll be able to effortlessly glide the glass panes, that weigh up to 300kg, open with just 2 fingers.

Don’t rule out rooflights – if you want to let light in

It’s a fact that a rooflight will make your living space look stunning all year round.

Rooflights are fitted to a flat roof extension. Whether it’s summer or winter, the aerial position of a rooflight means that they are perfectly placed to give you directional daylight.

In your glazed extension, the natural light will be completely uninterrupted as there are less likely to be objects such as trees, walls or fences getting in the way and casting shadows.

Creating a light, brighter room is one of the biggest reason customers choose to have rooflights fitted. Not only do they look super stylish, they bring in so much light – and that’s a huge positive in the winter.

For optimum levels of light, Bowalker Doors offer Skypod roof lanterns in a two bar design, available up to 1500mm by 7450mm, or a three bar design available up to 2750mm by 8700mm, so you can create the best feature for your project. Choose a rooflight and you’ll instantly open up the room to more daylight all year round.

At Bowalker Doors, you can design your rooflight to suit the style of your home. They are available in a selection of colours such as White, Anthracite Grey, Moondust, Rosewood and Golden Oak. You can also have White internal finish as standard for a brighter interior. These can also be tailormade to match with your windows or widespan doors, or you can make a statement by choosing a contrasting colour.

If you’re keen to regulate the temperature of your living space, a rooflight can do this. How? They offer great energy efficiency as they are available with U-Values as low as 1.0W/m2K.

Could a new glazed extension be on your winter wish list?

If you’re keen to create more space in your house, installing a new glazed extension will certainly add wow factor. On top of that, you’ll be installing a room which will look stunning all year round.

There’s nothing more lovely than a room that’s naturally airy and open.

If you’re considering a glazed extension to add more space and increase natural light into your home, come and talk to us.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to our showroom in Hickstead, where we can discuss your property plans. If you like, why not upload your drawings to our website and we’ll get our experts to take a look and give you some advice.

You can visit our Facebook page for bifold door and sliding door inspiration and get in touch with us by calling 0800 881 5640 or filling out a contact form here.

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