How to create a home bar in Sussex

Posted on 02.09.2020


The pubs, bars and restaurants may be back open, but the appeal to make the most of the space we have at home is stronger than ever.

So many of us are undergoing home transformation projects, whether it’s because we’ve realised we need extra space, or we’re bored of the dated style of our homes, or just for something exciting to do! But for a lot of us, it’s because we’ve realised that we spend so much time at home – why not turn it into our ideal staycation!

One of the ways so many homeowners around Sussex have been transforming their homes is by adding a home bar.

A home bar is the ideal solution if you’re missing the endless supply of cocktails on holiday, by the pool, sea or overlooking the gorgeous sights.

Create your own home bar in sunny Sussex, and you’ll know no difference!

Start with picking the right space

First thing first, pick the right space for your home bar.

If you’re thinking inside, we would recommend choosing a room at the back of your house. That way, you’ll be able to appreciate the outdoors. You’ll feel less confined and can enjoy the garden views and beautiful weather.

If you have a big garden you want to make use of – have an outdoor home bar!

You can create a pergola in your garden for a real bar replica – not only will it give your bar a really authentic feel but it will also act as protection against the wind and rain.

Merge your indoors and outdoors

What really makes a home bar is the connection between indoors and outdoors.

You want your home bar to be an extension of your Sussex home and not look out of place or an afterthought.

To create a real bar experience, you need a seamless connection from the home and garden.

If you’ve opted to set your bar up inside, installing widespan doors that open up from the home bar to your garden will mean that drinks can be made inside and then taken outside to enjoy in the sunshine without any risk of spillages from squeezing through small back doors and running into anyone else. You can create your very own beer garden!

We know a big benefit of making drinks at home is that they can be as large as you want – filled right to the top. A low threshold option will make this transition step free, so there’s no risk of tripping and spilling your latest creation all over yourself, while you seamlessly move from inside to outside.

Widespan doors also mean that you’ll be able to enjoy stunning garden views, watching the sunset and the sky turn pink, and then look up at the twinkling stars.

If you’re setting up your home bar inside against a garden wall, you can set up chairs against the exterior wall, and serve drinks through a window! You could set up the bar on the inside of wall, serving drinks outside. For this, a large aluminium window  can be installed for the perfect Italian inspired ‘wine wall’. Once used in the 17th century, Italy has revived the trend, which has since gone viral!

If you’re setting up your home bar in your Sussex garden, installing widespan doors will mean that you can choose how connected you are to the indoors – and who’s inside!

You can keep the doors closed if you’re enjoying an intimate date night, or open them up if you want to entice the whole family to join you outside for some quality time.

Having widespan doors means it’s easier to bring your glasses and bottles outside, without fear that you’ll run into someone squeezing through the back door and end up smashing your bar stock. It also means it’s easier to nip back in and wash your hands without leaving sticky cocktail finger prints everywhere.

Bifold and Lift & Slide Doors for your home bar in Sussex

The best widespan doors for your home bar in Sussex are bifold doors or lift & slide doors .

Bifold doors work by folding away in a concertina style to reveal wide open spaces. You can choose to open the whole door for a completely clear opening, or you can fold it back as little as you’d like.

aïr 800 bifold doors  are available with up to 10 frames, and each panel is available up to 1.2m wide and 3m high. This means you could create a wall with up to 12 metres of wide open space!

With lift & slide doors, your home bar will benefit from panoramic glazing – giving you garden views even when they’re closed.

aïr 500 & 600 lift & slide doors  are available up to 2.5m wide and 2.7m high, and you can choose to have 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 door panes.

Bowalker Doors can help

If you want to find out more about adding the right glazing to your home bar project, get in touch with Bowalker Doors. We’ve worked on lots of projects in Sussex where home bars have also been installed.

You can give us a call on 01444 810111, or fill out a contact form here. If you’ve got plans for your home bar project, you can upload them here and we’ll take a look at them and give you our recommendations.

You can see our range of widespan bifold and lift & slide doors and aluminium windows at our showroom in Hickstead, Haywards Heath, where our experienced team will be on hand to help.

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