How to choose the right Bi fold door for my home?

Posted on 20.03.2023

Bi fold doors are a hugely popular home improvement option, thanks to their ability to bring in huge amounts of light and effortlessly connect homes to gardens. With them being so popular, there are many different options including materials, sizes, configurations and styles.

It can be tricky to navigate how to choose the right bi fold door for your home, which is why we have created a guide to explain everything to you need to know, helping to make your decision easier.

Size options available

white home with bifold doors partially open

To choose the right bi fold door size for your house, you need to calculate the aperture that you want the fitted into. If you’re getting someone to install the doors for you, they will usually come out and measure this.

We offer aïr 800 bi fold doors, which are available with panel sizes up to 1.2m by 3m, paired with sightlines as slim as 108mm, this gives you the opportunity to open up huge spaces with minimal disruption to your stunning views. We also offer aluminium bi fold doors with panels sizes of up to 2.5m tall and 1m wide.

Choose a suitable configuration

air bifold doors

Once you know the width of the opening, you can think about the bi fold door configuration you can have. It’s best to keep an odd number of panels so they can stack and create a complete opening.

With bi fold doors, opting for a traffic door is a good idea. A traffic door is part of your external bi fold door installation, but acts alone as a traditional opening door. They are perfect for patio or garden access; in the summer you’ll be able to enjoy the full effect of opening your bi fold doors all the way. But if you need access to your garden in the winter, you only need to use the traffic door, which helps to retain heat.

You’ll also need to decide on whether you’d like your doors to be inward or outward opening, which is hugely dependent on the space you have available surrounding your doors. To save space, having them open outwards is a practical option.


Your bi fold door material will have an effect on aesthetics as well as performance and cost. Each material has its pros and cons and maintenance requirements, along with different methods of installation, costs and thermal efficiency.

Aluminium bi fold doors are a versatile choice, because of their strong but lightweight composition and are a great choice for contemporary style homes, as they provide slim sightlines and are available in a range of RAL powder coated options. They require minimal maintenance and there is no need to paint them. They can be made with less panels as they can be made wider than timber doors. They also offer excellent levels of thermal efficiency.


Bi fold door costs can vary widely, based on factors such as their size, material and quality. Don’t forget to budget for VAT and, in some cases, delivery. Off the shelf orders have shorter lead times, whilst bespoke sets can take longer from order confirmation through to delivery or installation. At Bowalker, we work closely with you for the entirety of your project so you will be kept up to date from start to finish in regard to timings.

Do I need planning permission?

It’s very unlikely that you will need planning permission for installing bi-fold doors in your home. However, if your new doors are part of a home renovation or remodelling, you’re having an extension built or adding a new room for extra space, it’s a good idea to double check before you get started, just to be on the safe side. Check out our in-depth blog on planning permission here.

Bi fold doors from Bowalker

Now you have all the information you need, choose either our aïr 800 bi fold doors or aluminium bi fold doors to completely transform your home. To get started on your project, get in touch with us today or request a quick quote and our expert team will be on hand to see your project through.

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