How lockdown changed the way we spend time in our homes

Posted on 05.10.2020


As we’ve spent more time indoors, inside our homes this year, we’ve seen a huge increase in homeowners around Sussex and Surrey looking to make changes to their homes.

We’ve realised that a house is more than just somewhere we eat, sleep and bathe. Instead, we’ve seen the importance of making sure we feel at home when we’re at home. Making the most of our living spaces to enjoy the company of our family, master a new culinary skill or scouting out a private sanctuary spot to enjoy some R&R.

While there are some homeowners that have already created perfect living spaces to make the most of their homes, it’s caused lots of homeowners to consider how they can adapt their homes to make them more liveable.

Bowalker Doors are here to help.

We’re really appreciating our kitchens

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From banana bread to fakeaways, home happy hours to whipped coffee, we’ve seen so many food trends grace our kitchens and social media feeds since March.

As a nation, we’ve taken this time at home to experiment with different recipes. Even though the restaurants, pubs and bars are back open, we have a newfound appreciation for the creations we can make and bake at home.

If you’ve found yourself struggling for space, feeling cramped in the 4 walls of your kitchen, running into the rest of the family rummaging through the cupboards for some snacks for their Netflix binge session, or searching for the perfect backdrop for your snaps of your latest kitchen creation, only to be met with dark, dull backdrops, you may need a kitchen extension.

Extra space and heaps of natural light can be added to your kitchen.

With widespan architectural aluminium, your kitchen can be extended. Bifold doors or lift & slide doors can be added to your kitchen, leading out onto the garden to create a more open space. As well as adding space, widespan aluminium doors will flood your kitchen with natural light.

Choose Skypod rooflights for optimum levels of natural light on flat roof extensions.

If your kitchen is at the front of your house rather than the back, you can install large aluminium windows for more light and a greater feeling of open space.

We want to create our own space to entertain ourselves

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Once you’ve whipped up your amazing new recipes, you need a space to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Whether that be a home bar, a new dining room or a snug, homeowners have been craving spaces to replace the pub, bars and restaurants they missed during lockdown.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of home bars in Sussex and Surrey. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on how to create your home bar.

It’s easy to create bright, open spaces, stylish that make us forget that we’re within the 4 walls of our homes with the addition of widespan aluminium doors can do just that.

As well as adding extra light through the large glazed areas, and extending your living spaces to the outdoors thanks to the wide openings, aluminium doors add stunning style and can be designed in any RAL colour so you have full design flexibility. You can also choose from a range of configurations and opening styles so you can design the perfect space for you.

We need space to relax – on our own!

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We can’t deny that being cooped up inside with our families has proven interesting. As much as we love them, no one can get on your nerves quite like your own flesh and blood.

We all need our own space to escape from the madness and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Perhaps you’ve found a forgotten corner of your house that no one visits, and you’ve claimed it as your private sanctuary. Although it’s quiet, if it’s dark and dingy, it can spoil the mood.

Add much needed light with large aluminium windows or doors, or a skylight.

We want the style of our home to reflect our personal style

Bifold door benefits


Have you been ordering bits and bobs for around the house to make it more homely and stylish? The more time we’ve spent at home, the more we’ve realised that how we furnish our home makes all the difference.

Colour and design style are ways for us to reflect our personal style within our home.

But it doesn’t stop at interior style. The style of our windows and doors is a great way to showcase our individual tastes.

There was a huge trend on social media for pink doors, with #PinkDoor reaching nearly 65,000 posts on Instagram. That’s because front doors are no longer seen as just a practical necessity – they’re a design choice too.

You can choose from a range of composite entrance doors – classic to contemporary – in a selection of colours, with lots of hardware options too, to give your home the entrance it deserves.

If you’d like to change the way you use your home, talk to the experts.

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You can get in touch with us to see how we can help you adapt your home by filling in contact form here. You can even upload your plans and specifications to our website and we can take a look at them and recommend the best solutions for you.

To see our product range in person, visit our showroom in Hickstead, Haywards Heath.

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