French doors or double glazed sliding patio doors?

Posted on 19.10.2022

Every homeowner wants to personalise their property, if you are looking for doors that open your home to the garden and outdoor living space, then you could choose French doors or double glazed sliding patio door. But what is the difference? Both are stunning options, but the main difference is that the French door is a double door that usually opens out into a garden on hinges, whilst a patio door slides along tracks in the wall. Both door styles offer a stunning way to bring natural light into a home and ‘bring the outside in’.

What are French doors?

A French door set is a hinged door which usually opens out onto a patio, garden or conservatory, or can be used to create two rooms. Once open, the doors give you access to the whole width of the opening. The maximum size of each door leaf is usually 900mm per leaf, so a maximum opening would be approximately 1800mm wide.

French doors are manufactured with multi-point locking systems for peace of mind, thermally advanced frame materials, with energy efficient glazing units to keep heating bills down and will last for years with minimal maintenance.

You can also personalise your French door to suit your home with a choice of hardware, a low aluminium threshold (ideal for wheelchair users) and a choice of colours (you can even choose a different colour externally and internally to suit a room’s décor).

What are sliding doors?


Sliding doors, also known as patio doors, are also ideal for opening a home to a garden, patio or conservatory, and you can achieve much wider opening spaces with sliding doors – up to a maximum of 4200mm. They maximise daylight, provide unhindered views and offer an ideal solution when space is at a premium. The doors do not protrude from the line of your wall when open – a great benefit when your living space is restricted.

Sliding patio doors are engineered to the highest standards and are available in a range of colours, with a choice of fixed leaf and sliding combinations. The doors slide along stainless-steel track systems to ensure years of trouble-free service, are available with a low aluminium threshold, multipoint locking system, a choice of hardware, and are manufactured using energy efficient profiles and are double glazed to keep you warm and heating bills down.

Benefits of French doors and sliding patio doors

When choosing between French doors and sliding doors, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of both and decide what will be best for your home and the way you live. Factors such as available space are well worth thinking about for example.

French Doors

Sliding patio doors 

  • Allow more internal space
  • Larger opening options
  • Energy efficient
  • Secure
  • Personalised to suit property
  • Increase light and ventilation

Suit your doors to the way you live

You may want to control the opening of your door, especially if its windy, you don’t want a door slamming, or you may just wish to open the door slightly for ventilation.  You may have a large opening and want an unobstructed view. At Bowalker Doors you can choose a door that suits your lifestyle and property without any compromises.

Choose the perfect door for your home with Bowalker Doors

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Our expert team will work closely with you to make sure that you choose the best option for your home, taking into consideration all your requirements so that you can make the most of your space. Get in touch with us to ask any questions you have or request a quote to get the ball rolling on your transformation project.

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