External bi fold door ideas

Posted on 27.09.2022

When thinking about where to install external bi fold doors, there are lots of things you need to consider, so we’ve put together our top tips.

If you’re looking for bi fold door ideas you are probably searching for ways to dramatically increase light inside a room or  provide great views of the  outdoors. They are a hugely popular choice for homeowners, with the increase in home improvements to bring the outside into the home. External bi fold doors can turn once cramped, dark rooms into bright, modern spaces. When closed they offer maximum protection, thermal insulation, and noise reduction, as well as expansive views into the garden.

Kitchen external bi fold door

Bowalker bifold door

External bi fold doors offer many benefits for the kitchen, whether you’re looking to remodel your current kitchen or build a new extension. Natural light, especially in a kitchen it’s a bright and open feel. They also create a wonderful family-focussed space for cooking, eating, and socialising together.

In the warmer months you can fully fold back your external bi fold doors to reveal your outdoor living space and seamlessly combine the two for summer parties, BBQs and weekday al fresco dining as well as creating a bigger living space.

Balcony bifolds

Bifold doors open plan extension

Balconies are a great place for external bi fold doors. The large expanses of glass and super slimline frames brings the outside one step closer.

You may need consider planning permission for a new balcony and bifold window in case it impacts your neighbour’s home or garden.

Bi fold exterior doors as part of your extension

Cornerless bifold doors Bowalker Doors Surrey Sussex

The very fact that you are planning an extension means you need more space, so the last thing you want is to lose some of it for your doors to open. External bi fold doors not only save space but offer flexibility between different areas, creating an unbroken flow between your main house, extension, and garden.

You can have your bi fold doors stacked inside or outside and have them either completely fold away to open in one direction or split to fold on both sides. You can also choose whether your doors open from the left or right, which is determined by what will suit your extension best and how you’d like the layout of your room to be.

Traffic doors

Wherever you decide to have your external bi fold doors installed, it’s worth having a look at implementing a traffic door. These operate separately so that you don’t have to completely fold back the bi fold doors every time you just need to quickly nip in and out for things like letting the dog out, fetching the bins or pegging the washing out. It also keeps your house warmer in the cooler months as you don’t have to let as much cold air in when you open the traffic door.

External bi fold doors from Bowalker Doors

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and ideas for your new external bi fold doors. Have a look though our aluminium and aïr 800 ranges to see which style you would like to choose and we will work closely with you to create the perfect home improvement.

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