Do I need planning permission to install doors?

Posted on 08.03.2021

It’s a question we’re asked a lot, and generally if you’re replacing like with like it’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission. However, if you’re remodelling your home, building a new extension or adding a garden room, it’s a good idea to check before you get started.

So for products like bi-fold doors or sliding doors where they’re often part of an extension or remodelling project, it’s worth investigating a bit more.

Planning permission and remodelling your home

In fact, even if you’re removing large amounts of internal, or even external walls, you’ll often find that planning permission isn’t needed. But you’ll definitely need to comply with building regulations, and if you’re doing a lot of structural changes you may need calculations done by a structural engineer.

The removal of walls can create exciting new open plan areas in your home, while it doesn’t add extra square footage, it can often make better use of the available space – and if you’re adding large span glazing, you’ll get the extra natural light and lifestyle benefits.

Planning permission for part of an extension

There are times where planning permission is necessary for doors. Certainly, if it’s part of a larger extension, you’ll need planning permission. But bear in mind that currently if you’re extending up to 6 metres, or up to 8 metres if you have a detached house, then you don’t need permission as it comes under permitted development which is a relaxation of the planning permission normal rulings.

If you’re going bigger than this – or two storey – you’ll need to get planning permission. We can help you with this as we work closely with the planning departments on larger projects. We can also work directly with your architect in the early stages to get the glazing options you want designed in from the start.

Planning permission for heritage and listed buildings

Planning permission laws are different for heritage and listed buildings, as well as properties on ‘designated land’ or protected areas or if your home is in a Conservation Area, National Park or an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sometimes, especially with listed buildings, planning permission can be complex and every material, design and colour choice must be justified. At Bowalker Doors, because we offer such a wide range of glazing, we can help with finding the right products for your project to meet the requirements.

For non-listed properties, there are often specific restrictions or certain material or colours that are needed. Again, if you need help with getting the glazing right within your planning application, we can help.

Planning permission for loft conversions

For the majority of loft conversions, planning permission isn’t need, as generally they fall under your permitted development rights. However, you will need planning permission if your home renovation plans exceed certain limits and conditions, such as altering or extending the roof space beyond its current limits. Increasing the amount of glass can create the need for planning permission and we’re happy to share our experience to help you out with this, so you don’t need to worry!

Planning permission for balconies

Balconies are a special case. If you want to add one to your property, then you need to make sure you have planning permission for that too, especially if they’re overlooking other people’s gardens. You want to make best use of a view, so by getting the planning permission you need from us at Bowalker Doors, you’ll be able to create the perfect balcony for your home.

The Bowalker Doors range includes:

  • Bi-fold doors – Glazing that creates the largest of openings, with impressive dimensions of up to 3m in height and 1.2m wide. They’re ideal for making the most of a properties space with a concertina style opening that easily folds away.
  • Sliding doors – With a max height of 2.7m and a max width of 2.5 metres per panel, the large yet smooth glazed doors create uninterrupted views for a property.
  • Entrance doors – We offer a range of different composite door options so you can choose top performance security and high energy efficiency whilst making a stunning entrance.
  • Rooflights – Create a ceiling of glass with slim frames and impressive size options including 1500mm by 7450mm and 2750mm by 8700mm.

All buildings need building regulations

Bowalker Air 800 Bifold With Alitherm 300 Windows

All properties that are undergoing home improvements like extensions need building regulations. Bowalker Doors does this through its membership with FENSA.

FENSA is a government approved certification body that guarantee compliance with local building regulations, deposit cover protection as well as the required insurance backed guarantee. This way you don’t have to get approval yourself as you’ll be dealing with installers that are helping you out with it all.

We always check if we need approval of building regulations before constructing or altering buildings in any way. There are several sections within the building regulations that relate to the fitting of doors. These include fire safety, so you can ensure a safe means of escape from your home, and sound insulation, particularly relevant if you’re in a flat or apartment, so that your doors are constructed in a way that reduces sound and are fitted with acoustic seals.

New builds and extensions have to adhere to Document Q

If you’re looking to extend your property or start from scratch, your project needs to adhere to Document Q. Luckily for you all our products we offer at Bowalker Doors comply with these regulations. They are manufactured to a design that has met the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS 24, meaning you are safe and protected in your home. Document Q ensures that your door is mechanically fixed to the structure of the building in accordance with our installation instructions.

Bowalker Doors

Whether you’re replacing existing doors or starting from scratch, planning permission doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want more information on planning permission, building regulations or any of the home improvement products in our range, please call us, we are always happy to help!

Check out our product pages to see our impressive selection of doors including aïr 800 bi-fold doors, aluminium bi-fold doors and our range of sliding doors to update your home.

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You can trust us with your transformation plans as we’re members of Checkatrade, FENSA and the Plastics Window Federation.