Counter-Strike: Pistol Tips

Posted on 11.04.2018

Learning your way around each pistol is a valuable skill. You will always find yourself in a situation where you will eventually need to use a pistol, and getting good at each one (at least the important ones) is very valuable.

Let’s begin to break down each pistol one by one, based on pricing.

9×19mm Sidearm (Glock)
Commonly referred to as the Glock
20 round clip with 120 rounds of additional ammo (shares MP5 ammo)
Secondary Fire: Three Round Burst Fire
The Terrorist’s standard pistol, probably the most hated pistol in the game. The Glock is sporadic and weak which takes anywhere from three to five head shots to down a fully armored target. The burst fire is very useful up close and horrendous at range. As you enter close quarters it’s good to switch the Glock to burst fire and then back to semi-automatic when you approach more open areas. If and when you are using burst fire keep in mind that you’ll be blowing through your ammo very quickly, and to make sure to reload whenever you have a chance. When shooting at distance you will want to aim for the head and space your shots about a half a second from each other. It’s best to try to close the distance and get close to your target (or make them get close to you), allowing you to increase your rate of fire and/or switch to burst for (hopefully) a quick three shots to the head.

KM .45 Tactical (USP)
Commonly referred to as the USP
12 round clip and 100 rounds of additional ammo (shares with Mac10 and Ump)
Secondary Fire: Silencer
The Counter-Terrorist’s standard pistol, arguably the better pistol of the two initial pistols. The USP is accurate and powerful, requiring two to three head shots (based on distance) required to down a fully armored target. The silencer for the USP is useless, forcing you to lose accuracy and power. When shooting the USP the average time to space your shots should be about a third of a second between one another. Doing so will help maintain accuracy of the gun allowing you more ability to knock off those key head shots. Always aim for the head, the damage to anywhere else on the body is mediocre at best (especially for armored targets).

228 Compact (p228)
Commonly referred to as the p228
13 round clip and 52 rounds of additional ammo
Secondary Fire: None
The p228 is essentially the USP with slightly reduced accuracy and a little more powerful. There is never a time where you should opt to buy this pistol, it costs $50 more to purchase the best pistol in the game. Should you find yourself holding this pistol, refer to the USP for usage tips.

Nighthawk .50c (Deagle)
Commonly referred to as the Deagle or Desert Eagle
7 round clip and 35 rounds of additional ammo
Secondary Fire: None
The Deagle is hands down the best pistol in the game. This is also the only pistol you should ever buy, because any others are considered a waste of money. The Deagle has enough power to one shot someone from about mid range, while also dealing good damage to the body which allows you to take down somebody in three to four shots. Don’t waste your ammo, make your shots count, you only have seven bullets and skilled players can count them off.

Spacing of your shots should be a little more than a half a second in between. The most accurate shot will be your first shot, shots following this will then be incredibly variable. A good strategy is to aim for the head on your first and second shot. If those miss you can bring your aim a little lower (close to the chest) compensating for the Deagle’s random accuracy and increasing the chances of at least hitting your target.

The Deagle is also powerful enough to shoot through some walls and boxes. You should only attempt to shoot through walls if you can easily get to cover and have enough time to reload (and you are able to shoot through the wall).

ES Five Seven
Commonly referred to as the Five Seven
20 round clip and 100 rounds of additional ammo (shares with p90)
Secondary Fire: None
The Five Seven is exclusive to Counter-Terrorists. A good pistol with a large 20 bullet clip and decent accuracy and power. There’s not a whole lot to say about this pistol it handles similarly to the USP and it costs more than the Deagle. This gun (like the Dualies) is more of a joke than anything else. It should be handled the same way you would use the USP and p228.

.40 Dual Elites (Dualies)
Commonly referred to as Dualies or Elites
30 round clip and 120 rounds of additional ammo (shared with mp5)
Secondary Fire: None
The Dualies are exclusive to Terrorists. Costing a whopping $800, using these means you are screwing around. They are effectively described as being two USPs with 30 rounds of insanity. If you are in very close range feel free to be reckless with these and just unload. Otherwise, you will want to space your shooting out similar to the USP. Plan your reload time carefully with these, they take quite some time to reload.


Most of the pistols in Counter-Strike can be handled the same way. You will want to get familiar with the primary pistols (Glock, USP, and Deagle) you’ll be using as they all handle differently from each other. Getting good at these pistols can save your life, especially if you’ve just emptied out all of your primary weapon ammo.

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