Bifold Doors: 5 Reasons Why They’re a Great Investment.

Posted on 01.09.2021

Bifold doors are widespan glazed doors that fold in and out. Made from a series of panels that fold against a wall resembling a concertina, they are usually glazed with between 2 and 6 large glass panels. Bifold doors are an essential if you are looking for easy door access, and include a traffic door for daily use. Typically found at the back of the house leading onto the garden, they can be customised using different colours and configurations to complement your property. The doors fold in on themselves using a simple tracking system that runs along the panels, enabling the doors to glide in a smooth and quiet motion.

If you’re still unsure as to why to invest in bifold doors, We Buy Any House have compiled their top 5 reasons why bifold doors are a necessity for your projects

1. Endless Configuration Options:

Aluminium bi fold

Bifold doors can be chosen in a range of configurations, giving you complete design flexibility and easy access to your outdoor living space. Depending on the size, shape and design of your project, you can tailor your bifold doors to the needs of your home.

Our aïr 800 range can be installed with up to 10 sashes to give your property maximum uninterrupted views, creating an open plan living style. The clever engineering of these doors means that you can choose panel sizes up to 1200mm by 3000mm with sightlines as slim as 108mm.

Aluminium bifold doors are a great investment for projects looking to get in on the outdoor living trend. The beauty of a bifold door is that they open in a concertina style, folding away to reveal and open plan space. By using aluminium, it creates a sleek clean cut feature for your project.

2. It’s a Great Way to Stylishly Customise Homes:

Aluminium bifold door interior

Aluminium has fast become the most popular material for homeowners looking to add cutting-edge style to their homes. The slimline frames add contemporary, modern style, taking projects to the next level.

The large glazed areas that bifold doors offer creates a wall of glass, which adds stunning style and a beautiful open plan living space, while flooding your living space with natural light.

3. Energy Efficient Weather Control:

corner of home with closed bifold doors

Throughout the summer months, bifold doors are essential for letting cool air into your property. By leaving the doors wide open on a hot day, cool air can circulate and ventilate your home – removing the need for free-standing fans or air conditioning.

Alternatively, during winter months bifold doors can actually reduce your bills as the sturdy aluminium frames and double glazing makes them brilliantly energy efficient, retaining heat without the risk of draughts and cold spots. The doors are designed to seal your home externally, and if the sun is left to shine through the widespan glass all day into your home, the doors will keep the heat trapped.

4. Design Flexibility:

Bowalker bifold door

Available in a range of colours, sizes, number of panels and opening styles, bifold doors can be tailored to your exact needs.

The option to fold the doors to either the left or right ultimately makes bifold doors the most versatile widespan door option.

5. Low Maintenance:

air 800 bifold doors Bowalker Doors

As well as offering style, aluminium offers fantastic durability. Aluminium bifold doors will look as good as new for years to come, as they won’t fade or rot or be affected by the unpredictable great British weather. To stay looking brand new, they simply need a wash down with warm soapy water.

Bifold Doors from Bowalker Doors

For expertly manufactured bifold doors, choose Bowalker Doors.

Bowalker Doors offer a versatile range of configuration options, styles and colours to create the perfect door for your home.

For a quick quote for your new bifold doors, simply get in touch with us, submit your plans or give us a call on 0800 881 5640 and one of our knowledgeable, experienced team will be on be on hand to help you choose the doors of your dreams.

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