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Posted on 10.09.2019

Bowalker Doors air bifold doors benefits

There is only one word to describe the benefits of bifold doors in a renovation project or exciting new glazed extension – brilliant.

They are becoming increasingly popular in people’s home and that’s because they create such a unique, standout feature. In contemporary projects, bifold doors have become the architectural glazing of choice and are now the perfect addition in any property.

If you’re still need convincing, let this blog explain why these stunning walls of glass are such a super and stylish choice. Here are 6 top benefits of bifold doors:

1. They open up space

open plan aluminium bifold doors

Bifold doors fold away to reveal an entirely open space and this is probably the biggest reason why homeowners are keen to include them in their renovation projects. Bifold doors enable you to create a bespoke open plan living area, which allows you to enjoy both the inside and the outside.

What’s fantastic about bifold doors is that they seamlessly link your living space or glazed extension with your garden, and this looks absolutely amazing in any property – especially if you’ve got green fingers and have transformed your outdoor space into something lush and lovely.

2. They’re contemporary and stylish

Contemporary bifold doors

Choose bifold doors and you’ll be making a stylish statement – that’s what the glazing experts say. They’re modern and chic and can make a glazed extension look truly amazing. The big expanse of glass is impressive and because they let in so much light, choosing what furniture to style your room becomes a fun day at the shops!

Bifold doors look sleek and simple but they instantly open up a home to successfully knit the inside with the outside and that’s exactly what homeowner in Surrey and Sussex want. Here at Bowalker, our valued customers tell us that they add to the aesthetics of any sleek interior – and we agree.

3. You have choice!

Smarts Aluminium Bifold Doors Colours Sussex Bifold Doors

A trendsetter for contemporary projects, bifold doors offer sleek aluminium frames, clean lines and large glazed areas. If you choose bifold doors, it means you can also be flexible with your layout. Perhaps you’ve always wanted an island in your kitchen – well now you can!

Bifold doors have multiple glass panels, which fold away to reveal open space, and you can select how many to have.

The concertina style folding can be configurated to tie in with how you want your glazed extension to look – and there’s no obstructing frames or posts. The bifold doors can fold internally or externally, to the right-hand side or left-hand side.

At Bowalker, we offer 2 bifold door ranges, including the impressive aїr bifold door collection.

Dubbed the Rolls Royce® of bifold doors, the aïr 800 has up to 10 panels, which can each be as tall as 3 metres and as wide as 1.2 metres. That means your bifold door feature can span across an impressive 12 metres.

With aïr 800 bifold doors, you don’t need to worry about chunky frames spoiling the view, as sightlines are as slim as 108mm. This means that open or closed, you’ll be able to make the most of the garden, hub tub or outdoor dining area.

4. They’re easy to operate

Aluminium bifold doors

In one quick and easy motion, bifold doors allow you to get full access to what’s behind the door. Bifold doors have multiple panels of glass which, when opened, fold away to reveal an entirely clear space. As part of your design, you can also have a traffic door, which gives you a quick exit to the outside, without having to open every single panel.

So not to interrupt the view, frame sightlines on aïr bifold doors are as slim as 108mm. This, coupled with the clear opening, allows the entire family to make the most of the garden and enjoy luxury outdoor living.

5. Bifold doors create a stunning wall of glass

Bifold door wall of glass

Perhaps the biggest feature of the bifold door and the one that people love the most, is the seamless ‘glass curtain’ it creates.

Thanks to their large glass panels, you’ll be throwing light into the whole house and this is very important when you’re deciding to create a glazed extension.

They can span across your entire wall and will provide a much sought-after unobstructed view. It’s a fact that property owners around Sussex and Surrey see the benefits of introducing widespan glazed doors into their homes.

6. Here’s the news on energy efficiency

bowalker air bifold doors energy efficiency

Thanks to top quality glazing and frames, glazed bifold doors are no longer seen as a cause for concern for homeowners. The glass units in aïr bifold doors work with the aluminium frames to provide optimum energy efficiency, durability, security and weather resistance.

aïr bifold doors offer U-Values as low as 1.4W/m2K and feature Teflon-coated weatherseals, which have been tests for watertightness and windload resistance. Something else, the aluminium frames are resistant to corrosion, twisting, rusting, warping or fading and you can even choose aïrcoat – which is a special dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, textured paint.

aïr bifold doors are also Secured by Design and PAS 24 – which means they’re certified with a high-tech multipoint locking systems.

And finally…

Bifold door benefits Sussex

It’s a fact, that bifold doors look amazing – no matter how big or small your house is. They really are the top glazing product to install in a new extension because they successfully open up your home making it bright and airy.

If you’re looking for the wow factor – think Bowalker bifold doors.

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