Bi-fold door ideas to maximise summer living

Posted on 24.06.2022

Once we get a glimpse of sunshine and blue skies, we always want more. This summer can be made even more marvellous for those who have invested in bi-fold doors, as you can benefit from enjoying the sun like never before.

How do bi-fold doors work?

Bi-fold doors have a tracking system that goes along the door panels, which are connected. The doors work by folding in a concertina style, gliding smoothly and silently along the tracking system. You can choose to have up to 10 panels and as little as two, which are connected and attached the tracking system at the top or bottom of the door panels. There is also the option to have your bi-fold doors open inwards or outwards. Depending on what best suits the way you live and the available space in your room.

Bi-fold door configuration ideas

bowalker air bifold doors



Bi-fold doors are designed to completely open your property. You can have the panels stacked on the inside or the outside of your house and have them either completely fold away to open in one direction or split in the middle to fold on each side of the opening. Based on how you and your family use your living area and the layout of your room, you can have them open from the left or right.

For easy access between your internal and external spaces, a traffic door can be built within your bifold doors. It opens and locks completely independently from the rest of the system, so you can open it without opening the whole door – great for letting the dog out or putting out the bins! The traffic door can be positioned anywhere you like so whichever section of the bi-fold is easiest for you to nip in and out of quickly, it’s best to have it there to make your day-to-day life easier all year round.

Keeping cool


As the temperature gets hotter, it can make your home quite stuffy. After months of longing for the heat and complaining about the cold, homeowners want to find the perfect balance which is where your bi-folds save the day. Have them opened fully to reveal and entirely open space, letting all the air in your room, fold away a couple of panes or just have the traffic door open. This way you can have optimum levels of ventilation throughout your home.

All year round

While bi-fold doors are ideal for summer living, they’re perfect all year round too. When summer comes to an end, it’s not all bad as autumn and winter still provide you with beautiful views as you can watch the seasons change and you can still appreciate it through your slim bi-fold doors. This is when your traffic door comes in handy too, as during the colder months you’re not going to want to completely open your home to the elements, so you can reap the benefits of a stunning open plan space as well as still being able to use your bi-fold doors to pop outside quickly. Most of the year, you can have your bi-fold doors closed to suit your lifestyle throughout the year, not just on hot days.

Choosing the best bi-fold door for your home

Bifold doors open plan extension

You can choose from our 2 types of bi-fold doors, giving you the chance to find the right style for your home this summer.

aïr 800 bifold doors are ideal for home transformation projects looking to impress family and friends. The wide span glazing is available with up to ten sashes for bifolds, up to 12m wide and 3m tall, to create a wall of glass that opens your home like never before. Offering sightlines as slim as 108mm, it allows more room for uninterrupted views, with less frame and more glass.

Aluminium bifold doors also provide your home with beautiful views of your garden and make the most of your available space. Like the aïr bifold doors, they boast super slim sightlines of 132mm, perfectly framing your view all year.

Maximise Summer living with bi-fold doors from Bowalker

Enjoy bi-fold doors not only in the summer, but all year round too. If you’re interested in maximising your summer living and more, get in touch with us to discuss your bi-fold doors. You can also get started right away by specifying your project here.

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