How to add light and space to your Crawley home with Bifold Doors

Bowalker Doors Bifold Doors Crawley

Have you been flicking through the home improvement and lifestyle magazines lately, and noticed that all the beautiful homes have one thing in common?

Bifold doors are the sought-after feature for glossy-mag worthy homes in Sussex, in particular places such as Crawley.

We’ve found that a lot of the homes we work on in Crawley want doors that add light and space to their home, and bifold doors are an excellent choice for doing this.

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January 28, 2019

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What colour entrance door should I choose?

Coloured composite doors from Bowalker Doors in Hove

Introducing colour into the home is any architect’s dream.

Colour is a clever way to send a message about your personality, and as entrance doors set the tone for the rest of your home, choosing a coloured front door can be a powerful way to create fantastic kerb appeal.

While there are a multitude of different colours to choose from, it’s easy to revert back to the traditional favourites: white, red, green or blue.

Our two ranges of composite entrance doors, Solidor doors and Bowalker composite doors, feature a selection of stunning colours, from classic to contemporary, pretty to powerful and striking to stylish.

A lot of the homes we work on in Hove want a door that adds exciting colour to their property and makes an entrance no one will forget, which is why we have more than 30 door colours to choose from.

We’ve put together a guide to help you decide which colour would be best for you.

Be bold

Peacock Blue Composite Door Bowalker Doors Hove

If you’d like to reflect your bold and bright personality on your front door, statement shades such as Peacock Blue, Berry Red, Rich Aubergine and French Blue are ideal.

They add an eye-catching pop of colour immediately to anyone who passes by, and will make your home stand out on your street, telling the world that someone full of life lives here. This is perfect if you love to entertain in your home.

It also sets the tone of your interior, which is great if your home is full of exuberant colours and décor.

Timeless classics

Red composite door Bowalker Doors Hove

Perhaps you’re more of a classic soul? If you love the traditional things in life, a timeless entrance door will be the best fit for you.

A lot of the composite entrance doors in Hove are in a time-honoured style, as it’s what suits most homes.

Colours like Chartwell Green, Red, Gothic Black, Derwent Blue and Heritage Green will last the test of time and show people that you value the eternal beauty of things. Classic shades such as these also complement any style of décor and external finishes, from traditional brick to a modern render.

Warm and inviting

Woodrgrain composite doors Bowalker Doors Hove

Is your home the family meeting point, where you often host the Sunday roasts and welcome your family and friends?

To reflect the inviting nature of your family home, warm and natural door colours, such as Golden Oak, Irish Oak, Golden Sand, Walnut, Rosewood and Cream, are the perfect choice.

Woodgrain colour options are a great alternative to timber front doors to reflect a soft yet strong personality, complementing French Country, authentic interiors.

Clean and crisp

Clean and crisp composite doors Bowalker Doors Hove

If you prefer the minimalist aesthetic, simple and stylish door colours are the best option.

Light colours such as Painswick and White, and dark shades like Schwarzbraun and Gothic Black, add clean, crisp style in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

This is ideal if you like white spaces or black accents to introduce colour.

Stylish and ahead of the trend

Anthracite Grey Composite Door Hove Bowalker Doors

Are you a trend-setter? Do you want your home to look modern and ahead of the time?

Right now, the contemporary colour of choice for style-conscious homeowners is grey. We’ve started to install lots of entrance doors in Hove in grey as using this colour adds chic style, with the top home improvement colour being Anthracite Grey.

We also have composite doors in Slate Grey, Moondust Grey, Twilight Grey and French Grey. Choose any for your own individual spin.

Matching your grey entrance door with grey aluminium windows and widespan doors, such as bifold doors and sliding doors, completes the contemporary look, and perfectly complements both minimalist and glamorous interiors.

Calm and tranquil

Chartwell green composite door Bowalker Doors Hove

Perhaps your home is your retreat from the outside world. The calm that protects you from the storm that the outside world brings.

If, when you pull up outside your house, walk up your drive and see your front door, you want to feel a sense of serenity, then choosing a soothing coloured door is ideal.

Pastel colours such as Lavender, Duck Egg Blue, Coolant Blue, Chartwell Green, Frost White and Eurocell Cream are tranquil shades that will indicate that your home is a peaceful and happy place.

Choose your perfect coloured composite door from Bowalker Doors

Coloured composite entrance doors Bowalker Doors Hove

We know how important it is to have an entrance door in Hove that reflects your style, which is why we offer more than 30 door colours to suit your needs.

If you’d like more help on how to add colour to your home with a new entrance door, get in touch with our team of experts.

We’ve been transforming homes across Sussex for 10 years, and we’re known for giving homeowners and architects the best advice on their projects.

You can visit our showroom in Haywards Heath, upload your plans and ideas to our website, or get in contact with us by ringing 01444 810111 or emailing info@bowalkerwindows.co.uk.

January 28, 2019

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What to consider when planning a home renovation in Brighton

Bowalker Doors renovations in Brighton

Whether you’re looking to add a new kitchen or dining room, or renovate your whole house, adding extra space with an extension is often top of the list for homeowners.

There are lots of things you need to consider when refurbishing your home, including what you hope to gain from your project, what products to use, what planning permission you may need and who you should work with.

This blog acts a guide to these things, so if you’re planning a home renovation in or around Brighton, keep reading.

Why are you refurbishing your home?

air lift and slide doors sliding doors for Brighton renovations Bowalker Doors

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, things to consider is why you’re actually interested in refurbishing your home. What is it you’re looking to achieve?

A lot of the homes we work on in Brighton want a renovation that gives space for their family, or a lighter, brighter, inviting interior to entertain in, or extra style to tie the property together

Whatever your reasons, this should always be in the back of your mind when you’re making each decision.

Choose the right products for what you need

The reason why you’re looking to refurbish your home will directly influence what designs and products you use in your new space.

A lot of the renovations in Brighton that we work on choose architectural glazing such as widespan aluminium doors and rooflights.

aïr bi-fold doors and aïr lift & slide doors are the top choices for renovations and refurbishments when creating large social spaces.

Air 800 bifold doors Bowalker Doors for Brighton renovations

aïr bi-fold doors are made with slimline aluminium frames and large glass panels, and each pane can be made up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm tall, with a maximum of 10 panes. As they open completely in a concertina style, this leaves you with an impressively wide opening, blending your home and garden and giving you extra space.

AIR LS600 lift and slide doors for Brighton renovations Bowalekr Doors

While aluminium bi-fold doors add heaps of light, aïr lift & slide doors fill spaces with boundless amounts of natural daylight. This is because they can be made up to 2500mm wide by 2700mm tall with a maximum of 6 panes and offer uninterrupted walls of glass, giving you panoramic views.

Skypod rooflights Bowalker Doors

Rooflights a popular choice for flat roof extensions as they are fitted on the roof, allowing the sunlight to beam directly down into the room. With the smallest of our Skypod rooflights at 750mm by 750mm to the largest at 2750mm by 8700mm, you can choose the perfect amount of daylight depending on the size of your extension.

Choosing a combination of architectural aluminium glazing gives you a stunning glazed area, with each component working together for the ultimate, cutting-edge style. You can colour match our selection of architectural glazing, as our aluminium widespan doors are available in any RAL colour, and our rooflights are available in Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, White, Rosewood and Golden Oak.

Get the relevant planning permission

If your renovation involves extending your home, you may need planning permission.

It’s always worth checking whether you need planning permission, as some project don’t require it and need permitted development instead.

You can visit planningportal.co.uk for more information on everything else that needs planning permission – or just ask us.

Choosing the right company to trust with your renovation plans

Bowalker Doors renovations in Brighton

Choosing the right companies to help you achieve your dream renovation takes a lot of thought and careful consideration.

You should choose an installation company who has been transforming homes for a long time, gaining experience and a solid reputation. They should also have a wide product range, and a showroom where you can go in and see the glazed products in a setting where you can imagine them in your home.

You should also be able to go to your installation company with your plans and get their advice and guidance on what would work best for you.

Here at Bowalker Doors, we tick all the boxes. Our founders, Pete Walker and Anthony Bowyer have a combined experience of 45 years, and formed Bowalker Doors after nearly a decade of success with Bowalker Windows. You can take a look at our Checkatrade reviews here.

Our product range includes two bi-fold doorsaïr bi-fold doors and Bowalker bi-fold doors – and two sliding doorsaïr lift & slide doors and Bowalker sliding patio doors. We have Skypod rooflights available too, as well as two range of entrance doors to complete your home – Solidor doors and Bowalker composite doors.

You can see our stunning product range at our Haywards Heath showroom, as well as talk to our expert team about your project and benefit from our helpful advice. You can even bring your architect along too. To help you make our meeting the best it can be, you can upload your plans to our website here and we will look over them before your appointment and we will be prepared with options and guidance.

Get in touch with Bowalker Doors to help with your renovation

Bowalker Doors for Brighton renovations

If you’re planning a home renovation in Brighton, let Bowalker Doors help you.

You can call us on 01444 810111 or fill in a contact form here. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom on Bolney Grange Business Park in Haywards Heath where we’re open Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, Friday 8am – 4:30pm and Saturday by appointment only.

Don’t forget, you can like us on Facebook to see our most recent renovations in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

January 22, 2019

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Why more renovators in Burgess Hill are choosing rooflights to add more natural light

Bowalker Doors Rooflight Burgess Hill

The onset of winter means the darker, shorter days are back. The natural light is really hard to come by now that it’s December, and we’re all looking for more ways to make the most of the light we can get.

We’ve installed lots of rooflights in Burgess Hill to add extra light and striking style.

Add natural light 365 days a year

Skypod roof lantern Burgess Hill

Rooflights are fitted to flat roof extensions so that sun can shine down into your living space.

The aerial position of a rooflight means that they’re in the same position of the sun in the sky, giving you directional daylight. The rays are uninterrupted, as there’s less likely to be objects such as trees, walls or fence to be casting shadows.

This ensures that you will make best use of your extension as it creates a lighter, brighter, fresher living space for you to spend time with your family, friends and guests.

For optimum levels of light, we offer roof lanterns in a two bar design, available up to 1500mm by 7450mm, or a three bar design available up to 2750mm by 8700mm, so you can create the best feature for your project.

The sleek design of our rooflights mean more daylight can illuminate your property all year round, without chunky frames spoiling the effect.

Design the perfect rooflight that suits the rest of your property

Skypod Burgess Hill Bowalker Doors

With a rooflight from Bowalker Doors, you have full design flexibility to suit the style of your home.

The rooflights are available in a selection of colours such as White, Anthracite Grey, Moondust, Rosewood and Golden Oak, with a White internal finish as standard for a bright interior.

Choose to match your new rooflight with your windows, or make a statement by choosing a contrasting colour.

Skypod Burgess Hill Bowalker Doors

A lot of the projects we’ve worked on lately in Burgess Hill choose rooflights in Anthracite Grey for the modern style. This goes beautifully with widespan aluminium doors, which also look most striking in Anthracite Grey.

A rooflight will make your living space feel comfortable all year round

We mentioned in our previous blog about the health and wellbeing effects of natural light, but there are also wonderful benefits, but there are also fantastic benefits for the rest of your home.

The clever rooflights can help to regulate the temperature of your living space too, offering great energy efficiency.

The lanterns are available with U-Values as low as 1.0W/m2K, and PVCu cappings also help with insulation.

The large glass areas used in rooflights mean that the natural warmth from the sun can penetrate through the glass into the room in the colder months, whilst in the summer it gives living space a fresher, more open feel.

If you’re looking to take your project to new heights, get in touch with the experts at Bowalker Doors

Bowalker Doors Skypod Rooflight Roof Lantern Burgess Hill
We can help you to transform your living space with a rooflight from Bowalker Doors.

We’re the specialists at adding light, style and space to your home.

You can talk to our team at our Haywards Heath showroom about your plans, and we will offer you our expert help and advice on what would work best for you.

Visit us on Bolney Grange Business Park, Stairbridge Lane, Hickstead, or call us on 01444 810111 to book an appointment.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook page for our inspiration too!

December 20, 2018

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Open up your Shoreham-by-Sea home to the beautiful coastline with sliding doors

Bowalker aluminium widespan sliding doors in Sussex

If you live by the coast in Shoreham-by-Sea, you’re already pretty lucky. With the beach and Local Nature Reserve at your door step, amazing performing arts events at the Ropetackle Arts Centre, gorgeous independent boutique shops and its very own airport to jet away from.

With a town as stunning as Shoreham, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most out of your home, something which Bowalker Doors can help you with.

We’ve recently installed some sliding doors and it made us think that Shoreham-by-Sea would be the perfect place for the uninterrupted, panoramic walls of glass.

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December 20, 2018

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Make your home healthier and happier with bi-fold doors in Surrey

Surrey bifold doors

Now the clocks have gone back and winter is looming, it’s really important to make sure you’re keeping your home bright, ventilated and warm, and with bi-fold doors you can do just that.

We are always on the lookout for more information and we recently went to UK Construction Week that was about the importance of daylight, ventilation and warmth to keep homes healthy and happy.

A lot of the homes we work on in Surrey want bi-fold doors to improve these aspects, and we’d like to share some of the information we found. So, if you’re looking for advice on how to improve the wellbeing of your home, keep reading.

What makes a happy and healthy home?

Lighter, brighter interiors, fresh air, good sleeping conditions and comfortable temperatures all make for a happy, healthy home.

Each of these key characteristics can be expertly planned into your Surrey project. But why do each of these matters?


daylight bowalker doors surrey

During the seminar, we learnt about the correlation between daylight and health.

We found out that as people generally spend most of their time indoors, they have the choice between natural or artificial light.

Artificial light, from ceiling lights or lamps, gives you around 500 lux, contributes to dry skin and disrupted sleep, and is anti-circadian meaning that it works against your natural body clock. Natural light, on the other hand, gives around 50,000 lux, has a benign effect on skin, improves sleep, and is circadian to work with your natural body clock.

As well as this, daylight encourages growth, strengths the immune system, regulates moods, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, and helps to keep you alert.

Fresh air

Bowalker aluminium bifold door surrey

The speaker also told us of the trials and tribulations of indoor air quality too.

Did you know that indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? This can lead to mould, illness, a lack of energy, and disrupted sleep.

Having fresh air in your home also improves concentration and health, and it’s also important to make sure your home is ventilated if someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies.

Good sleeping conditions

bowalker doors surrey

Both daylight levels and fresh air help to contribute to better sleeping patterns, and we all know why getting enough sleep is good for you. Not only does it give you better concentration and alertness throughout the day, it also helps to prevent illness and disease.

Optimum temperatures

optimum temperature surrey

Ensuring your home is a comfortable temperature all year round is extremely important, with lots of homeowners complaining of being too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer.

When it’s too cold, you often don’t want to do anything but curl up in bed, hindering your productivity. And when it’s too warm, you equally find yourself collapsing into a tired heap, exhausted from the heat.

It’s also important to note that when it’s too humid, mould can form, which as well as being unsightly can lead to allergic reactions.

A lot of renovators in Surrey want bi-fold doors to improve the wellbeing of their home

Bowalker doors bifold doors surrey

One of the things you can do to ensure that both the health and happiness of your home and family is at optimum levels is by looking into bi-fold doors.

The clever widespan doors can improve the amount of daylight and fresh air in your home.

The concertina style opening of bi-fold doors mean that they can fold away completely to reveal large spaces, giving your home lots of fresh air and an open feel. Bi-fold doors can help to ventilate your home, preventing humidity during summer too as the panes can be folded away for optimum ventilation all year round, or opened part way depending on which configurations you choose. We’ve just fitted bi-fold doors in Surrey that have been used as the back door too.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are made with large glass areas and slimline frames to allow the sunlight to shine directly through, making for a lighter, brighter home. Sightlines are as slim as 108mm in aïr 800 bi-fold doors, with panel sizes up to 1200mm by 3000m. Bowalker aluminium bi-fold doors are available with a maximum width of 1000mm and maximum height of 2500mm.

Aluminium bi-fold doors can help to regulate the temperatures of your home too, as aïr bi-fold doors have U-values of 1.3 W/m2K, and Bowalker bi-fold doors offer U-values as low as 1.5 W/m2K.

This, matched with the thermally efficient aluminium frames, means your home will be more energy efficient and warmer in the colder months saving you money on heating bills.

Bowalker Doors can help you

Bowalker aluminium bifold doors surrey

Whatever aspect of your home life you’re looking to improve, Bowalker Doors can help.

We’re the experts in adding space and light into your home, and can give you lots more advice on how to make your home a healthier and happier place.

You can drop into our showroom to find out more about our bi-fold door range and to talk to our specialist team about how to improve the wellbeing of your home. We can look through your plans and offer you our advice – and you can even bring in your architect too.

Visit us on Bolney Grange Business Park, Stairbridge Lane, Hickstead, or call us on 01444 810111 to book an appointment.

November 13, 2018

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Visit the glazing experts Bowalker Doors in Haywards Heath for home inspiration

aluminium bi-fold doors horsham

When you’re looking for architectural glazing to transform your home, it’s really helpful to see the latest trends on social media, get clued up from websites, and be inspired by online galleries. But nothing compares to seeing something for yourself, with your own eyes, in a showroom. Continue reading Visit the glazing experts Bowalker Doors in Haywards Heath for home inspiration

November 7, 2018

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A top London architect gives practical advice on glazing

Bowalker Doors Architects Glazing Advice

Bowalker Doors talks to leading London architect Mark Barnard about how glazing can create the perfect property.

Careful use of glass in a new build or extension can create the perfect hybrid indoor-outdoor living space, and there have never been so many glazing options.

Whether you’re waving your magic on an older property or building your dream home, glazing has never been so important. Products, like aïr bi-folding doors and wide-span doors from aïr can now ensure your home reflects your lifestyle.

Based from their showroom and offices in Hickstead, Bowalker Doors offers glazing and doors for all homes.

After working on several projects together, Anthony Bowyer from window installation company Bowalker, speaks to London-based architect Mark Barnard, director of mab Architecture, Design and Development, for his advice on choosing the right glazing.

Mark Barnard - mab Architecture, Design and Development

Anthony: What tips can you share about making the most of natural light?

Mark: What’s really important to me, is working with natural light and sourcing the best way to bounce light into a darker room. Introducing natural light into a project can make a room look so much more inviting. It can open it up and create a brand-new space, even if the property has a north facing garden! Part of my review will be to tease from clients their vision so I can build up a perfect design. What’s really clever is when we diffuse light and reflect it from one area and into another. This can be really effective. Rooflights are a good way to do this, but windows and doors can have the same effect. With the right design, a property can look stunning.

Anthony: What do you need to know from clients when you’re creating a perfect design for them?

Mark: As an architect, it is absolutely imperative that I visit the project and see it for myself. I need to chat with the client and get a feel for the look they are trying to achieve. I like to talk to them about how the house does or doesn’t work for them and find out what look they are wanting to create. I want to know what they see as the most important area of their house. Is it an open-plan kitchen with built-in dining area or is it a relaxed sitting room, where they can spend time at the end of a busy day?

Bowalker Doors Architects Advice Glazed Extension

Anthony: Why is choosing the right glazing important?

Mark: It’s vital to choose the right glazing for your project, especially if it’s for your home. Make the right investment and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come. Glazing costs soon add up and certainly eat into a chunk of your budget, so you need to do some homework. Make sure you’ve looked into the performance of your bi-folding doors or windows. Cheap versions will not give you top levels of energy-efficiency – so they’ll cost much more in the long term. One word – research!

Anthony: Does it work combining old and new styles in a house make-over project?

Mark: Yes, it most-certainly works! Combining a modern style in an older project can really make for a beautiful space. It’s quite popular at the moment to mix trendy and traditional and internally, it can look truly superb. The two looks can really work well together. I’ve seen 100-year-old homes with very modern kitchen/dining areas created at the back of the property and the design is really expert.

Anthony: How do you maximise glazing when you’re working on a budget?

Mark: Maximising glazing is really important – especially when it’s going to bite into your overall budget. Again, the solar benefits must be considered, but there are ways to keep costs down without compromising on design. If you want to create that indoor/outdoor look, think about what glazing you need – and get prices. Of course, bi-folds and sliding doors provide that much sought-after unobstructed view but get advice from the experts. Rooflights are another consideration too. Don’t break the bank – try and budget well.

Bowalker Doors Architects Advice Lift and Slide doors

Anthony: People love the idea of opening up the back of their homes to create the perfect indoor/outdoor living space, but what do homeowners need to consider when choosing the right glazing for the job?

Mark: If you’re going to choose bi-fold or sliding doors – with the aim of achieving that indoor/outdoor lifestyle look – there are things to consider. It looks so much nicer if you can level the outdoor area to match the inside. Of course, you’ll have to pay careful attention to drainage and water runoff to ensure rainwater drains away from your home. If you want a seamless look, you need to select the right glazing – and match up flooring, with something like porcelain. Chunky frames will not work as well if you’re trying to pull more daylight into your home and create a smoother look.

Anthony: Looking ahead, what do you think the future trends for glazing are going to be?

Mark: Frameless glazing and ultra-wide sliding doors is probably the future and these can also be used internally between rooms, like kitchen, dining rooms and living areas. Whether you opt for timber, aluminium, composite or PVCu, the material will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your house – both inside and out. Of course, it’s important to think about how you use glazing as part of your interior design. Thermal performance is important too if you want your glazing to last you a lifetime. Energy efficiency is key.

For advice on choosing the right glazing for your project, contact Bowalker Doors

You can call us on 0800 881 5640, email info@bowalkerwindows.co.uk, or fill in a contact form here.

October 24, 2018

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You can trust us with your transformation plans as we’re members of Checkatrade, FENSA and the Plastics Window Federation.