Bifold Doors: 5 Reasons Why They’re a Great Investment.

Bifold doors are widespan glazed doors that fold in and out. Made from a series of panels that fold against a wall resembling a concertina, they are usually glazed with between 2 and 6 large glass panels. Bifold doors are an essential if you are looking for easy door access, and include a traffic door for daily use. Typically found at the back of the house leading onto the garden, they can be customised using different colours and configurations to complement your property. The doors fold in on themselves using a simple tracking system that runs along the panels, enabling the doors to glide in a smooth and quiet motion.

If you’re still unsure as to why to invest in bifold doors, We Buy Any House have compiled their top 5 reasons why bifold doors are a necessity for your projects

1. Endless Configuration Options:

Aluminium bi fold

Bifold doors can be chosen in a range of configurations, giving you complete design flexibility and easy access to your outdoor living space. Depending on the size, shape and design of your project, you can tailor your bifold doors to the needs of your home.

Our aïr 800 range can be installed with up to 10 sashes to give your property maximum uninterrupted views, creating an open plan living style. The clever engineering of these doors means that you can choose panel sizes up to 1200mm by 3000mm with sightlines as slim as 108mm.

Aluminium bifold doors are a great investment for projects looking to get in on the outdoor living trend. The beauty of a bifold door is that they open in a concertina style, folding away to reveal and open plan space. By using aluminium, it creates a sleek clean cut feature for your project.

2. It’s a Great Way to Stylishly Customise Homes:

Aluminium bifold door interior

Aluminium has fast become the most popular material for homeowners looking to add cutting-edge style to their homes. The slimline frames add contemporary, modern style, taking projects to the next level.

The large glazed areas that bifold doors offer creates a wall of glass, which adds stunning style and a beautiful open plan living space, while flooding your living space with natural light.

3. Energy Efficient Weather Control:

corner of home with closed bifold doors

Throughout the summer months, bifold doors are essential for letting cool air into your property. By leaving the doors wide open on a hot day, cool air can circulate and ventilate your home – removing the need for free-standing fans or air conditioning.

Alternatively, during winter months bifold doors can actually reduce your bills as the sturdy aluminium frames and double glazing makes them brilliantly energy efficient, retaining heat without the risk of draughts and cold spots. The doors are designed to seal your home externally, and if the sun is left to shine through the widespan glass all day into your home, the doors will keep the heat trapped.

4. Design Flexibility:

Bowalker bifold door

Available in a range of colours, sizes, number of panels and opening styles, bifold doors can be tailored to your exact needs.

The option to fold the doors to either the left or right ultimately makes bifold doors the most versatile widespan door option.

5. Low Maintenance:

air 800 bifold doors Bowalker Doors

As well as offering style, aluminium offers fantastic durability. Aluminium bifold doors will look as good as new for years to come, as they won’t fade or rot or be affected by the unpredictable great British weather. To stay looking brand new, they simply need a wash down with warm soapy water.

Bifold Doors from Bowalker Doors

For expertly manufactured bifold doors, choose Bowalker Doors.

Bowalker Doors offer a versatile range of configuration options, styles and colours to create the perfect door for your home.

For a quick quote for your new bifold doors, simply get in touch with us, submit your plans or give us a call on 0800 881 5640 and one of our knowledgeable, experienced team will be on be on hand to help you choose the doors of your dreams.

September 1, 2021

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Bifold door opening options

Bifold doors are an ever growing, popular choice for new home projects as they ooze modern style and completely transform any living space. The abundance of design options of bifold doors allows complete configuration flexibility so that that you can have them created to suit your family’s living space, making outdoor to indoor living seamless and easy. You can select the bifold door opening options, number of panels, size and colour options of your door. No matter what project you’re working on, we have a bifold door option for your space.

Panel sizes

Aluminium bifold doors

For both our Bowalker aluminium and aïr 800 bifold doors, you can choose from a range of configurations to suit your living space, to make life easier for the whole family when nipping in and out of the house, as well as creating a stunning, open plan living area.

aïr 800 bifold doors create large openings for your space with impressive panel dimensions of 1.2m wide and 3m high along with sightlines as slim as 108mm. Bowalker’s standard aluminium bifold door panels are available in a maximum height of 2.5m and maximum width of 1m. With these two options, you can make the most out of your available space and have them designed to meet your exact specifications and plans.

Panel options

bi fold door on a corner of a home

The size of your bifold door opening ultimately depends on the size of your wall. So, the larger your wall is, the larger your bifold door can be to make use of the space. You can also choose the number of panels for your bifold doors. The more panels you opt for, the more open space you will add into your home. For example, if you have 10 panels at 1.2m wide, you can create a feature wall of glass that’s an amazing 12m wide.

Opening your bifold doors

Bifold door benefits Sussex

Both ranges are designed to completely open up your living space. You can have your bifold doors stacked inside or outside and have them either completely fold away to open in one direction or split to fold on both sides. Additionally, you can choose whether your doors open from the left or right, which is determined by what will suit your living space best and how you’d like the layout of your room to be.

Traffic doors

Traffic bifold door Sussex

Whilst having a wall of glass that completely unfolds is a great way to open up your home, sometimes it’s handy to have the option of a smaller opening too. This is when a traffic door can be implemented. These are built into the bifold door system, but open separately so they can be used as a single door. This way, you can have quick, and easy access to your garden as and when you need to nip out.

Colour options

Aluminium bifold doors from Bowalker Doors Sussex and Surrey

After designing the perfect bifold doors for your home, all that’s left is choosing the colour. This all depends on the style and aesthetics of your home, and whether you want to create a standout feature or effortlessly blend your new glazed doors in with the rest of your property. Our full bifold door range can be selected in any RAL colour, so you can choose the exact shade of your liking. This way, you could match your bifold door frames to the colours in your garden to bring the nature one step further into your home.

Design breath-taking bifold doors with Bowalker

Feeling inspired? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Bowalker Doors to discuss design requirements for your bifold door opening and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke solution that works for you. Both our aluminium bifold doors and our impressive aïr 800 range can be configured to your liking so you can create a breath-taking wall of glass in your home – bringing the outside, in.

April 27, 2021

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Should I get Lift and Slide Patio Doors?

If you’re thinking of opening up your property, then you should choose aïr Lift and Slide Doors to give you a clear wall of glass, panoramic glazing and minimal frames. They are an innovative way to add light and space to any home. Perfect for seamless outdoor to indoor living, they’re a great way to merge your home and garden. Thanks to clever engineering paired with high quality performance, aïr Lift and Slide Doors are a cutting edge addition to your living space.

Less frame, more view

Bowalker doors air lift and slide from inside

With large, glazed areas and impressively slim sightlines that create the perfect frame for your garden view or city scape, aluminium aïr Lift and Slide Doors are the ideal replacement for old sliding patio doors, French doors or even for creating a moveable glazed wall that’s built in to your new-build or renovation project. aïr Lift and Slide Doors have interlocking sightlines as slim as 48mm, alongside aïrglide technology that allows the huge wall of glass, weighing up to 300kg, to be moved with as little as 2 fingers. This creates captivating views with minimal interruptions, along with the illusion of more space thanks to the huge expanses of panoramic glass that will open up any room.

Configuration options

air lift and slide door from the outside

Panels are available up to 2200mm by 2700mm, which are paired with the option of monorail, 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane configurations – this way, you have complete flexibility on your project and can have aïr Lift and Slide Doors for opening up to 15m wide. There’s also the option of double and triple track configurations, which offers flexibility in the direction of the opening, depending on what best suits your space. If you’re thinking of installing aïr Lift and Slide Doors to bring more light into your home, a single track is the best choice for you.

Design features

air lift and slide open side view

Bowalker Doors can install your aïr Lift and Slide Doors in any RAL colour so that you can either complement the rest of your home with a uniform aesthetic or create a striking contrast to make your doors a standout feature to frame your garden view. We know that some projects require different colours for the inside and outside, so that they fit in with the look of your exterior and interior of your home, which is why we offer a dual colour option too. This way, your aïr Lift and Slide Doors will be perfectly suited to your entire property.

Renovate your home with Lift and Slide Doors

aïr Lift and Slide Doors are the ideal choice if you’re wanting to inject boundless amounts of light and space into your property whilst framing your view with sleek, slim sightlines. Bowalker Doors will beautifully install your impressive new doors so that you can seamlessly nip in and out of your home with the simple slide of your fingers. To find out more get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you design your dream doors for your new project. Alternatively, call us on 0800 881 5640 and one of our experienced team will have a chat with you to discuss your requirements.

April 27, 2021

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Do I need planning permission to install doors?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot, and generally if you’re replacing like with like it’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission. However, if you’re remodelling your home, building a new extension or adding a garden room, it’s a good idea to check before you get started.

So for products like bi-fold doors or sliding doors where they’re often part of an extension or remodelling project, it’s worth investigating a bit more.

Planning permission and remodelling your home

In fact, even if you’re removing large amounts of internal, or even external walls, you’ll often find that planning permission isn’t needed. But you’ll definitely need to comply with building regulations, and if you’re doing a lot of structural changes you may need calculations done by a structural engineer.

The removal of walls can create exciting new open plan areas in your home, while it doesn’t add extra square footage, it can often make better use of the available space – and if you’re adding large span glazing, you’ll get the extra natural light and lifestyle benefits.

Planning permission for part of an extension

There are times where planning permission is necessary for doors. Certainly, if it’s part of a larger extension, you’ll need planning permission. But bear in mind that currently if you’re extending up to 6 metres, or up to 8 metres if you have a detached house, then you don’t need permission as it comes under permitted development which is a relaxation of the planning permission normal rulings.

If you’re going bigger than this – or two storey – you’ll need to get planning permission. We can help you with this as we work closely with the planning departments on larger projects. We can also work directly with your architect in the early stages to get the glazing options you want designed in from the start.

Planning permission for heritage and listed buildings

Planning permission laws are different for heritage and listed buildings, as well as properties on ‘designated land’ or protected areas or if your home is in a Conservation Area, National Park or an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sometimes, especially with listed buildings, planning permission can be complex and every material, design and colour choice must be justified. At Bowalker Doors, because we offer such a wide range of glazing, we can help with finding the right products for your project to meet the requirements.

For non-listed properties, there are often specific restrictions or certain material or colours that are needed. Again, if you need help with getting the glazing right within your planning application, we can help.

Planning permission for loft conversions

For the majority of loft conversions, planning permission isn’t need, as generally they fall under your permitted development rights. However, you will need planning permission if your home renovation plans exceed certain limits and conditions, such as altering or extending the roof space beyond its current limits. Increasing the amount of glass can create the need for planning permission and we’re happy to share our experience to help you out with this, so you don’t need to worry!

Planning permission for balconies

Balconies are a special case. If you want to add one to your property, then you need to make sure you have planning permission for that too, especially if they’re overlooking other people’s gardens. You want to make best use of a view, so by getting the planning permission you need from us at Bowalker Doors, you’ll be able to create the perfect balcony for your home.

The Bowalker Doors range includes:

  • Bi-fold doors – Glazing that creates the largest of openings, with impressive dimensions of up to 3m in height and 1.2m wide. They’re ideal for making the most of a properties space with a concertina style opening that easily folds away.
  • Sliding doors – With a max height of 2.7m and a max width of 2.5 metres per panel, the large yet smooth glazed doors create uninterrupted views for a property.
  • Entrance doors – We offer a range of different composite door options so you can choose top performance security and high energy efficiency whilst making a stunning entrance.
  • Rooflights – Create a ceiling of glass with slim frames and impressive size options including 1500mm by 7450mm and 2750mm by 8700mm.

All buildings need building regulations

Bowalker Air 800 Bifold With Alitherm 300 Windows

All properties that are undergoing home improvements like extensions need building regulations. Bowalker Doors does this through its membership with FENSA.

FENSA is a government approved certification body that guarantee compliance with local building regulations, deposit cover protection as well as the required insurance backed guarantee. This way you don’t have to get approval yourself as you’ll be dealing with installers that are helping you out with it all.

We always check if we need approval of building regulations before constructing or altering buildings in any way. There are several sections within the building regulations that relate to the fitting of doors. These include fire safety, so you can ensure a safe means of escape from your home, and sound insulation, particularly relevant if you’re in a flat or apartment, so that your doors are constructed in a way that reduces sound and are fitted with acoustic seals.

New builds and extensions have to adhere to Document Q

If you’re looking to extend your property or start from scratch, your project needs to adhere to Document Q. Luckily for you all our products we offer at Bowalker Doors comply with these regulations. They are manufactured to a design that has met the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS 24, meaning you are safe and protected in your home. Document Q ensures that your door is mechanically fixed to the structure of the building in accordance with our installation instructions.

Bowalker Doors

Whether you’re replacing existing doors or starting from scratch, planning permission doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want more information on planning permission, building regulations or any of the home improvement products in our range, please call us, we are always happy to help!

Check out our product pages to see our impressive selection of doors including aïr 800 bi-fold doors, aluminium bi-fold doors and our range of sliding doors to update your home.

March 8, 2021

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Sliding door styles

If you’re looking at transforming your living space in time for spring, have a look at our sliding door styles that will open up space in your home, creating a wall of glass overlooking your garden. Bowalker Doors can offer you endless design options which can be tailored to your property. Whatever you think will work best for your home – we’ll help you design it that way. Make a striking entrance to your outdoor living space with our sliding patio doors or state-of-the-art aïr lift & slide doors. Whether you want to add a modern style to your contemporary project, or add extra light to your renovation project, both our sliding door styles can be catered to you.

aïr Lift & Slide Doors

air lift and slide doors

Effortlessly adding light and space to any project, our state of the art aïr lift & slide doors are designed with seamless frames that are perfect for captivating views thanks to the unobtrusive framework. aïr lift & slide doors slide open on stainless steel rollers that have been expertly engineered to hold huge panes of glass weighing up to 300kg. The impressive design allows you to effortlessly open the doors with as little as 2 fingers. This aïrglide technology allows this smooth operation for many years.

If you’re wanting a dramatic wall of glass, you can choose up to 6 panes, with glass panel sizes up to 2200mm by 2700mm to create a statement in your home. You can even choose to have a floating corner option available with no posts when designing your doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors

Bowalker sliding patio doors are a great feature for both new builds and renovations, so whatever project it is that you’re working on, we’ve got you covered. Sliding patio doors add extra space and the slimline profiles and minimal sightlines let in lots of light. The slim sightlines give any home a modern twist with the aluminium frames so you can complement your modern new build or create a statement piece in your classical home.

They are the perfect choice for if you’re on a budget, yet still want picturesque views through large, glazed areas and a light flooded home.

Design options

Design options sliding door

The sleek aluminium frames of our sliding doors are available in a range of colours so you can style them in any way that you like in order to transform your home by creating a stark contrast or complementing both the interior and exterior aesthetics of your property.

Both sliding door styles are available in any RAL colour, which offers endless design possibilities. The right colour can make a big difference to your project, whether you want to create a modern style or have a balance of both modern and contemporary aesthetics, our colour options will help you achieve the look you want.

Find out more about our sliding door styles

If you’re feeling inspired and want to look further into implementing sliding doors in your home or want to start a new project, our friendly team will happily help you if you give us a call on 0800 881 5640. Or you can request a quote through our website and we’ll get back to you in no time!

January 18, 2021

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What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?

At Bowalker Doors we offer Skypod rooflights which are the ultimate choice for the best conservatory roof. They can be fitted into a new or existing flat roof glazed extension to let the light flood in and take your property’s style to new heights. Skypod rooflights are available in a two-bar design, available up to 1500mm by 7450mm, or a three-bar design available up to 2750mm by 8700mm, so you can create the right size lantern for your project to make your space light, airy and open plan to enjoy all year round.

Take glazing to a higher level

The design of the Skypod adds height and style to your property, giving your home a modern upgrade. Our rooflights are available in a choice of architectural colours and sizes so that you can design the perfect feature for your home.

Available with PVCu cappings, you can colour match your Skypod with your existing doors and windows for a seamless finish that complements your property, or you could create a bold contrast for a standout feature. Choose from White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Anthracite Grey or Moondust Grey to create the aesthetic you desire for your home. A ridge end cover cap is also fitted to finish off the roof with a sleek and sharp feature.

Adding light with a Bowalker Skypod

The clean sightlines of our roof lanterns let in more light to illuminate your property all year round. This uninterrupted glazed roof design doesn’t just make your living space brighter; it creates a space that is more comfortable – you’ll be warm and cosy in the winter, then when it comes to summer, you’ll be nice and cool. To give your living space the full effect, we offer a white internal finish as standard for a light, fresh open-plan feel.

Open plan space

You want your glazed extension to feel part of the home. All that light beaming in creates the illusion of more open plan space. So however you use your living space, adding more natural light place will give you the feeling of a more open-plan living.

Stunning aerial views

Using your surroundings to make the most out of your living space is a great way to enhance your home. Skypod roof lights let you take in stunning aerial views, bringing the outside in. The slim frames and impressive size options that we offer allow you to design the perfect roof for you, whether you want to appreciate the views or illuminate your space with colour – it’s the best conservatory roof option for your home. We also have a range of coloured glass options to add even more colour and ambience to the room including Blue, Neutral, Bronze and Aqua if you’re after a more unique style.

Choose Skypod Roof Lanterns

For the best conservatory roof, a Skypod roof lantern is an amazing way to add light into an existing flat roof or when starting from scratch building a new extension. The stunning glazing creates a ceiling of glass for maximum natural light to beam down into your living space.

Visit our website for more details on our skypod rooflights and you can get a quote using our contact form and we’ll be in touch.  Check out our socials too as we post regular updates and inspo on our Facebook page.

January 12, 2021

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Top 5 advantages of Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors add a sleek style, more light and extra space into your home along with views you’ll never have to miss out on again. We offer our standard sliding patio doors as well as the refined aïr lift & slide door range to offer captivating style and impressive performance for seamless indoor to outdoor living.


Here are our top 5 advantages of sliding doors:


  1. Panoramic viewsLiving room sliding doors

Your living space will always have a beautiful backdrop of stunning uninterrupted views due to the large glass panels and minimal sightlines of our aïr lift and slide doors. A vast glass wall in your home is perfect for looking out at the idyllic setting around you. Thanks to the large, glazed areas and sightlines as slim as 48mm, there are less frames to obstruct the view.


  1. Boundless light

Sometimes your home can begin to feel quite dark and enclosed if you don’t have enough light shining in. The huge panes of glass in our aluminium sliding doors illuminate your living space with light which opens up areas in your home making them airy and spacious.


  1. Easy outdoor living accessSliding doors partially open with a view

The glass panes used in our aïr lift & slide doors can be slid open with just 2 fingers, despite weighing up to 300kg thanks to expert engineers and aïrglide technology ensuring, a smooth operation. This ensures easy outdoor living access.


  1. Sleek, modern update to your home

Having sleek sliding doors is a great statement for your home. You can complement the exterior or interior of your home making your living space feel practical and unique for the way you live. You get full design flexibility with a choice of any RAL colour, from a classic white to a statement black and temporary grey. The architectural aluminium paired with panoramic views and gives you a modern style.


  1. Endless possibilities

For boundless possibilities, we offer aïr 500LS & 600LS aluminium lift & slide doors with many as 6 panes, can be as tall as 2.7 metres and as wide as 2.5 metres. This leaves you with a wall of glass up to 15 metres wide.


Choose our Stunning Sliding Doors from Bowalker

Our stunning aluminium sliding doors are a great feature for your home. Explore our website to discover more advantages of our sliding doors and check out our socials for more inspiration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


November 12, 2020

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Top 5 Advantages of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are ideal for home transformations that are looking to impress as they create extreme design possibilities and make your home like no other. Make the most out of your available space with our bifold door range which includes aïr 800 bifold doors and Bowalker bifold doors. Bifold doors offer a large opening in your home, maximizing space for innovative living.


Here are our top 5 advantages of bifold doors:


  1. Revealing boundless open spacesbi fold door on a corner of a home

With impressive dimensions of up to 3m in height and 1.2m in width, our bifold doors provide clear openings to your outdoor space. By folding away to reveal completely open areas, it gives you easier garden access. Your house can seamlessly flow into your outdoor living space, opening your home like never before.


  1. Refined & contemporary aestheticGarden room showing garden bar

Choosing bifold doors creates a sophisticated statement as the contemporary, refined style makes make any glazed extension look impressive. We’ve found Anthracite Grey is the most popular modern home improvement colour due to the sleek effect it gives. Aluminium bifold doors are available in any RAL colour so you can choose any shade you like to make your home feel unique to you, as well as complementing your living space.


  1. More glass less frameBifold door designs

The huge glass panes let in all that desirable light into your home, which is very important when it comes to deciding on architectural aluminium glazing options for your house. It opens up your living space making it feel spacious and airy, opening up your home to boundless possibilities. You’ll be able to appreciate your captivating views without obstruction, as frames are as slim as 108mm for more glass, less frame.


  1. A standout feature

If you choose bifold doors, you have the flexibility to design your dream layout in your home. You can select however many glass panels you like, which will fold externally or internally, to the right-hand side or left-hand side. The aïr 800 features many configurations that can be tailored to suit your property’s need. For example, you can choose up to 10 panels, so your feature can span a stunning 12 meters wide.


  1. Captivating viewsBowalker Bifold Doors Crawley

The biggest reason why people want to install bifold doors is to enhance their indoor to outdoor living, creating a wall of glass. Create an open plan living area that seamlessly links your home to the captivating views of your garden.


Sound like the ideal home transformation for you?

Create a standout feature in your home with our bifold doors. Explore our website for more advantages of bifold doors, including our impressive aïr 800 range. Go check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more inspiration.


November 12, 2020

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How lockdown changed the way we spend time in our homes


As we’ve spent more time indoors, inside our homes this year, we’ve seen a huge increase in homeowners around Sussex and Surrey looking to make changes to their homes.

We’ve realised that a house is more than just somewhere we eat, sleep and bathe. Instead, we’ve seen the importance of making sure we feel at home when we’re at home. Making the most of our living spaces to enjoy the company of our family, master a new culinary skill or scouting out a private sanctuary spot to enjoy some R&R.

While there are some homeowners that have already created perfect living spaces to make the most of their homes, it’s caused lots of homeowners to consider how they can adapt their homes to make them more liveable.

Bowalker Doors are here to help.

We’re really appreciating our kitchens

Bowalker Doors Bifold Doors Crawley

From banana bread to fakeaways, home happy hours to whipped coffee, we’ve seen so many food trends grace our kitchens and social media feeds since March.

As a nation, we’ve taken this time at home to experiment with different recipes. Even though the restaurants, pubs and bars are back open, we have a newfound appreciation for the creations we can make and bake at home.

If you’ve found yourself struggling for space, feeling cramped in the 4 walls of your kitchen, running into the rest of the family rummaging through the cupboards for some snacks for their Netflix binge session, or searching for the perfect backdrop for your snaps of your latest kitchen creation, only to be met with dark, dull backdrops, you may need a kitchen extension.

Extra space and heaps of natural light can be added to your kitchen.

With widespan architectural aluminium, your kitchen can be extended. Bifold doors or lift & slide doors can be added to your kitchen, leading out onto the garden to create a more open space. As well as adding space, widespan aluminium doors will flood your kitchen with natural light.

Choose Skypod rooflights for optimum levels of natural light on flat roof extensions.

If your kitchen is at the front of your house rather than the back, you can install large aluminium windows for more light and a greater feeling of open space.

We want to create our own space to entertain ourselves

Bowalker air bifold doors for Bighton renovation

Once you’ve whipped up your amazing new recipes, you need a space to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Whether that be a home bar, a new dining room or a snug, homeowners have been craving spaces to replace the pub, bars and restaurants they missed during lockdown.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of home bars in Sussex and Surrey. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on how to create your home bar.

It’s easy to create bright, open spaces, stylish that make us forget that we’re within the 4 walls of our homes with the addition of widespan aluminium doors can do just that.

As well as adding extra light through the large glazed areas, and extending your living spaces to the outdoors thanks to the wide openings, aluminium doors add stunning style and can be designed in any RAL colour so you have full design flexibility. You can also choose from a range of configurations and opening styles so you can design the perfect space for you.

We need space to relax – on our own!

air lift & slide door home trends

We can’t deny that being cooped up inside with our families has proven interesting. As much as we love them, no one can get on your nerves quite like your own flesh and blood.

We all need our own space to escape from the madness and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Perhaps you’ve found a forgotten corner of your house that no one visits, and you’ve claimed it as your private sanctuary. Although it’s quiet, if it’s dark and dingy, it can spoil the mood.

Add much needed light with large aluminium windows or doors, or a skylight.

We want the style of our home to reflect our personal style

Bifold door benefits


Have you been ordering bits and bobs for around the house to make it more homely and stylish? The more time we’ve spent at home, the more we’ve realised that how we furnish our home makes all the difference.

Colour and design style are ways for us to reflect our personal style within our home.

But it doesn’t stop at interior style. The style of our windows and doors is a great way to showcase our individual tastes.

There was a huge trend on social media for pink doors, with #PinkDoor reaching nearly 65,000 posts on Instagram. That’s because front doors are no longer seen as just a practical necessity – they’re a design choice too.

You can choose from a range of composite entrance doors – classic to contemporary – in a selection of colours, with lots of hardware options too, to give your home the entrance it deserves.

If you’d like to change the way you use your home, talk to the experts.

bifold or sliding doors home trends

You can get in touch with us to see how we can help you adapt your home by filling in contact form here. You can even upload your plans and specifications to our website and we can take a look at them and recommend the best solutions for you.

To see our product range in person, visit our showroom in Hickstead, Haywards Heath.

October 5, 2020

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Visit our windows and doors showroom in Sussex

Spending more time at home has caused a lot of homeowners around Surrey and Sussex to re-evaluate whether they are making best use of their homes.
We’re starting to assess whether our properties have enough space, light and style, taking inspiration from home trends on social media and in glossy magazines.
But there’s nothing quite like seeing something for yourself, with our own eyes, in person. That’s why we were so pleased to reopen our showroom in May, after closing during lockdown.
We opened our doors of our windows and doors showroom to Sussex and Surrey homeowners looking for ways to transform their homes

What you can find in our Sussex windows and doors showroom

Window samples in showroom

You can find our full range of aluminium doors – including bifold doors and lift & slide doorsPVCu and aluminium windows, entrance doors and Skypod roof lanterns at our showroom in Hickstead, Haywards Heath.
You can get a feel for how they work, how easy they are to use, how they can be styled and customised and how much light and space they add to homes.
Our experienced team will be on hand to talk you through each product and can offer you advice on what will best suit your project. You can even bring along any plans and specifications you have, and we’ll take a look at them.
We’ve been installing cutting-edge glazing in and around Sussex and Surrey for more than a decade, and our 2 founders, Peter Walker and Anthony Bowyer, have more than 60 years’ experience between them in home transformation.
We’re been involved in some state-of-the-art projects, working with homeowners and architects to recommend and install clever architectural glazing solutions.

Showroom COVID-19 updates

Showroom hallway

We made updates to our showroom to ensure that it was safe to open to the public, so you can have full peace of mind when you visit us in Hickstead, Haywards Heath.
We’ve kitted out the showroom with hand sanitising stations, are cleaning regularly between visits, and have put social distancing measures in place, so you can still browse our range of products safely.
The showroom is open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and we ask that you book an appointment to visit. Simply call the office on 01444 810111, email info@bowalkerwindows.co.uk or send us a message online.

October 5, 2020

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Doors you can trust

You can trust us with your transformation plans as we’re members of Checkatrade, FENSA and the Plastics Window Federation.

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