Add light and space to your home with a roof lantern

Roof lanterns are a modern, value for money home improvement that is a perfect accompaniment to your home. The impressive glazing creates a ceiling of glass for the maximum amount of daylight to shine down into your property, brightening the whole room.

Ways to use roof lanterns

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Wherever you choose to install your roof lantern, you can be sure that you will enjoy the amount of natural light that it will bring into the room below. Lighting up a previously dull corner of your home, making it feel light, bright and airy. Not only with the room directly under the roof lantern benefit from the natural light, but any nearby room will also get that extra bit of light, transforming your living space.

The most common uses for roof lanterns are adding them to a new or existing flat roof extension or into the ceiling space of a landing. If your extension is big enough, you can opt for 2 roof lanterns which can be installed side by side which make a stunning statement and bring in double the amount of natural light.

Why are roof lanterns a great way to add daylight into your room?

  • Roof lanterns suit both modern and traditional homes thanks to the simple sleek appearance that complements both styles, making them such a versatile product for any home improvement project.
  • They are a cost-effective way of completely transforming an existing room in your home. If you have a dark or dull flat roof extension or corridor in your home that could be made into a whole new space with the addition of light, then roof lanterns are a great way to achieve this. Instead of completely redoing that part of your home, installing a roof lantern will bring so much benefit for your home at a much smaller cost compared to a renovation project.
  • Even if you aren’t thinking about moving house just yet, roof lanterns increase the value of your home. This is because anything that boosts the amount of light in your home adds extra value as it contributes to any space feeling larger and more inviting.

Roof lantern options

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You can create your desired look for your project with a roof lantern form Bowalker. Available in a wide choice of architectural colours and a range of designs and sizes, the features are suitable for any setting or project.

Bowalker roof lanterns are available with PVCu cappings so you can match your roof lantern with the design of your current windows and doors or make a contrast and choose a complementing colour.

Roof lanterns from Bowalker Doors

If you’re interested in adding a roof lantern to your home that don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to help advise you on the best suited options for your home so you can enjoy more light and space in your home.

May 18, 2022

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Why you should consider roof lanterns this summer

Whether you are looking to increase the number of bedrooms in your home, add workspace or create your dream kitchen, extending your home is a much cheaper option than moving house to get the additional space you desire. When extending your home or enhancing the space you already have, considering a roof lantern is a great idea. They add an architectural statement to a flat roof, flood light into your home and create a bright and open area for the whole family to enjoy.

What are roof lanterns?

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A roof lantern is made up of glazed panels installed on a roof. From the outside of your home, you can see that they achieve a pitched roof effect, which creates a much more spacious feel for the inside of your home by adding that extra height and light.

For stunning aerial views and sun rays into your home, our roof lanterns feature slim frames and impressive size options so that you can tailor yours to your project. We offer roof lanterns in a two bar design, which is available up to 1500mm by 7450mm, or a three bar design that’s available up to 2750mm by 8700mm.

Add light

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By far the biggest benefit of roof lanterns is the amount of light they can flood into your property. Adding a roof lantern into your property or new extension can make all the difference to the inside of your home. With the additional height and extra light, a once small and compact room can feel so much bigger – even on dull days your roof lanterns channel the light into your space. A bright functional space keeps you more energized and improves concentration levels whilst the warm, dusk light in the evening helps to create a cosy ambiance that helps you to unwind after a busy day.

Improve ventilation

It’s useful to have roof lanterns that have one or two panels which can open for the purpose of ventilation. There are three main options for ventilation within roof lanterns including opening windows, opening sashes if your roof lantern has side lights, or trickle vents that can be electrically operated. Having a good amount of air flow throughout your home is essential, especially if they have been installed covering a kitchen where it easily becomes warm, or a south facing part of your home that attracts a lot of sunlight, so you can regulate the temperature and keep the room cool.

Thermally efficient

The extra light that roof lanterns bring into your home helps save you money on your electricity bills. The natural light will illuminate your living space, meaning you won’t have to use your lights as much during the day.

Sleek style

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Roof lanterns add the wow factor to any home, for the stunning night views of the stars alone they are worth it. They can be used to highlight specific areas of a room, for example a dining space, and can help to define space and add a real focal point to your interior whilst creating a sense of grandeur to the exterior.

Protect privacy

If you’re having a new extension, planning where your windows are positioned can be tricky, especially if your home is close to your neighbours. A great way to protect your privacy if you have neighbours in close proximity is to bring sunlight through the roof.

Design options

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Create the look you desire for your project with our choice of architectural colours and range of design and sizes offering features suitable for any type of home. They are also available with PVCu cappings so you can match your roof lantern with your existing windows and doors for a seamless finish.

Open up your home for summer with Bowalker

If you’re interested in upgrading your home or incorporating roof lanterns into your new extension, get in touch with us to discuss your design requirements and we will work closely with you to create the perfect roof lantern. Alternatively, you can get the ball rolling by requesting a quote and we will be in touch with you.

May 4, 2022

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