Top 5 signs to buy a new composite front door

Your front door is the first thing that people see when they visit your home so you want to greet them with a welcoming front door. If your front door has seen better days, has cracks, squeaks when you open and close it, or the paint has faded or is peeling off, it may be time to treat your home with a new composite front door.

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1. It’s difficult to open and shut

The main function of your front door is, of course, to open and close properly, keeping your home safe and secure. If your front door is sticking or dragging along the floor when you use it, this can mean that the sash has dropped or the door material has expanded to be too big to fit in the hallway. Doors that are getting old can sag and if you have a timber front door, they can warp or twist which can leave gaps around the frame or make them difficult to open and close. Not only are these bad signs for your front door, but you could end up damaging your flooring in the hallway if it drags every time you use it.

2. Peeling paint on timber doors

If you have a timber front door, that you’re tired of sanding and repainting only for the paint to start cracking and peeling a few months later – you can save time and energy by replacing it with a new super low maintenance composite front door. Modern technology has allowed us to offer impressively weatherproof composite front doors that never need painting and are of the finest quality. Bowalker composite doors have PVCu thermal inserts in their triple sealed frame for the ultimate weatherproofed door, no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at them. They are unique to other composite doors as they feature a 4mm GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) outer skin, improving on the industry standard of 2mm which helps to prevent colour fading peeling and corrosion.

3. Visible cracks

If you spot visible cracks on your front door, they won’t go unnoticed by you or your visitors. Cracks in your door can also indicate a structural weakness, which could tell potential criminals that will it be easy to break in. improve your household’s security by installing a sturdy new composite front door for ultimate peace of mind. A new composite front door from Bowalker is made from a combination of PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) creating a strong, durable and weatherproofed entrance and is installed with a PAS 24 accredited multipoint locking system as standard with 5 hooks for unbeatable, high tech security. The doors have also achieved a Secured By Design accreditation, making them the police preferred choice for homes.

4. Draughts

If you find yourself wondering why your house feels cooler than usual your front door could be the culprit, so make sure to double check for cold spots. Ageing doors can suffer from faulty seals and other subtle cracks, which let draughts into your home. Cold air entering your home could be costing you extra money to heat your home too so by simply having a new composite front door installed, you could eradicate draughts and cold spots, making your home more energy efficient, containing heat. Our composite doors have a 4mm GRP outer skin, an upgrade on the industry standard of 2mm. This enhanced outer thickness improves the insulation of the door and includes a panel insulated with rigid foam, giving you a warmer home and saving you money on energy bills.

5. Loose hinges

A squeaky door can be a sign that the door hinges are loose and while this problem can be fixed with simple maintenance, it could be highlighting a more serious problem. If you have loose hinges on your front door, this can indicate poor home security, making it easier for them to be destroyed in a break in. While a slight squeak might not be a major concern at the time, it can get worse, so it’s best to look into it as soon as your hear it!

Buy a new composite door from Bowalker Doors

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With a wide range of composite front doors to choose from including Hallmark composite doors, Bowalker Composite doors and Solidor composite doors, should you notice any of these signs on your current front door, we can work closely with you to choose the perfect fit for your home.

To try before you buy, you can visit our showroom where you can have a walk around and chat to our knowledgeable team for some advice. If you know what you want already, request a quote here and you can get started on improving the entrance to your home.

March 4, 2022

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Choosing between bifold doors or sliding doors

What is the better choice for your home and available space? Bifold or sliding doors? There are lots of considerations to take into account when choosing what style of door you’d like to have in your home, so we have put all of the most important ones into this blog to help homeowners choose between them. Bifold doors are great for connecting the home to the garden, and sliding doors are ideal for if you want larger panes of glass.

The advantages of bifolding and sliding doors

aluminium sliding door

Both bifolding and sliding doors have their advantages as they make the most of your available space, it’s just deciding which space they are more suited to. They both promise a contemporary, grand feature for your home, whether you’re replacing an old set of patio doors or deciding on the best type for a new extension. As well as aesthetics, homeowners now expect a level of functionality to their home improvements and our bifolds and sliding doors offer this, with slim sightlines, flush and level thresholds, energy efficient and longevity.

Understanding the similarities

Bifold and sliding doors share several impressive features, making your decision easier when it comes to the technical side of things.

  • Both are thermally insulated, to maintain optimum temperatures all year round, helping homeowners save money on energy bills.
  • High quality safety glass is used which boasts impressive U-Values. Our aïr 800 bifold doors offer 1.4 W/m2K and our aïr lift and slide doors offer an impressive 1.38 W/m2K.
  • All our doors are tested to the latest and highest security and weather standards for ultimate peace of mind.

With such similarities in the technical performance of both doors, it allows you to focus more on the functional and aesthetic factors.

Choosing a bifold door or a sliding door

air bifold doors

There are two significant differences that separate bifold and sliding doors and these tend to influence a homeowners decision the most.

Bifolds are made up of multiple sashes meaning there are more visible panels and aluminium profiles as a result, depending on how many you decide to have. So, whilst they can be fully folded back in the warmer weather, you have more sightlines in view when the doors are closed. Our bifolds have slim sightlines so it’s more of an aesthetic preference.

Our sliding doors provide large expanse of glass up to 2.2 meters wide. The benefit of these large glass panels are that you get an uninterrupted view of your garden, giving you the perfect slimline aluminium frame.

If you have a smaller living space and want to make the most of it, then bifold doors are the perfect choice for you, thanks to the fully opening nature creating the illusion of more space. If you have lots of space to work with, then both types are door are a great option.

Daily life with a bifold or sliding door

If your new sliding and patio doors will be your only access into your garden, a consideration to factor in when choosing bifold or sliding doors is using them in the winter months, as sliding doors require an entire glass panel to be moved for everyday access to the garden. Bifold doors come with a traffic door option, which is a conventional door built into the bi-fold system, that sits on a normal hinge and has a standard handle for easy operation. This allows quick and easy access when you don’t want to fold away every panel in the bi-fold.

How they both work

Bi-fold doors use a tracking system that runs along the door panels, which are connected. The doors work by folding in on themselves in a concertina style and then glide along a tracking system on wheels, for smooth, silent operation. Your bi-fold doors can have between two and 10 panels, all of which are connected and attached to the tracking system at the bottom or top of the doors. You can choose whether your bi-fold doors open inwards or outwards, depending on what is the most practical choice for your living space.

Sliding doors work by sliding open on strong stainless steel rollers which are expertly engineered to hold vast panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg. For effortless operation, you can easily open and close your sliding doors with as little as two fingers, thanks to the impressively crafted aïrglide technology.

Choose the right door for your project with Bowalker Doors


If you would like to get started on your next home improvement project with either of our sliding doors or bifold doors, then get in touch with us. Our team will work closely with you to further help you choose the perfect fit for your living space. If you have an idea or plans of what you would like already, request a quote and we will be in touch with you to discuss your project requirements.

March 4, 2022

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